Monday, November 22, 2010

AMA - Red Carpet looks more WTF than OMG.

I love award shows and seeing all the glamor and gowns and bling and fabulousness. But it seems last night's AMA (American Music Awards) were more about trying to out do Gaga's outfits (she wasn't even there) - which can't be done or trying too hard to make a statement - whatever statement they were trying to make. I thought most of the outfits were a big fail and quite disappointing. Here's a look at the parade of HORRIFIC outfits that came down the red carpet last night. Just seemed like an off year.

(Mike Nelson / EPA)
I get it, less is more, but it was a just a bit off Rhi Rhi. Maybe you should have taken a cue from Hallie Berry's 2002 Oscar Gown by Elie Saab - the same designer that did this number. Your asymmetrical green draped dress by Elie would have made a better impact on the red carpet.

(Chris Pizzello, Associated Press)
Ke$ha, maybe you should replace the $ with a ¢ because this entire look likes like one HEFTY mess. It looks like a PR garbage bag challenge and you oddly are reminding me of the female version of Syndrome on The Incredibles. I hope this was not the junk junk you were talking about that boys wanted to touch.

(Danny Moloshok / Reuters)
Miley Miley Miley - maybe we should just change your name to Charmin because it looks like you forgot to check your behind before you left the restroom in this Marchesa gown. I think chopping off the train would have made this couture look much better.

(Chris Pizzello, Associated Press)
Willow - you've got my hair whipping but fire your stylist now. This concoction that they assembled is a hot mess and has me shaking my head NO NO NO. Overworked couture on a preteen just looks odd and the fit not too flattering...if you were older people would be saying what's up with the CT.

(Danny Moloshok / Reuters)
Nicki Minaj there is so many things wrong with this. Let's just say, maybe you should get your money back from the metal yard - they'll buy back by the pound. Manish Arora the designer of this number just did too much - way too much. If he wanted his couture to be recognized in The States maybe he should of put her in one of his other and absolutely stunning colored frocks. Plus wasn't the skeleton thing already done by Lady Gaga last year on stage? A rehash of his (Manish Arora) carousel dress that Katy Perry wore to the European Music Awards would have been a welcomed site too.

Regardless of the train wrecks - and there were more of those than just the ones above, a few of the celebs were right on the mark. Here are three of my favorites from the evening.

(Chris Pizzello, Associated Press)
Katy Perry is a teenage dream in this pale pink confection by Badgley Mischka. Simple, classy, dreamy.

(Danny Moloshok / Reuters)
Kelly Osbourne in Dior - absolutely beautiful. She looks old Hollywood fabulous, thinking Bridgette Bardot - sexy but classy.

(Chris Pizzello / Associated Press)
Taylor loving the bangs and this bang up dress by Collette Dinigan. You sure know how to light the way!

So that is my recap for this years AMA Red Carpet looks. Quite disappointing year - lets hope the couture for the awards season are better than these frocks.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Destination Weddings - The New "IT" Thing

Destination weddings have been around forever, but more and more couples are finding that these weddings are more attainable and affordable than having one in their hometown. Regardless if it's an international destination or a different state, the couples dollars are stretched further by taking their nuptials elsewhere.

One of the main reasons for this is that in some international destinations, their dollars go further and they are able to get more bang for the buck. Additionally, they are able trim their guests list to family and friends who are a part of the couple's lives, rather than including extended guests who the couple may not know personally, without feeling guilty of not inviting mom's co-workers or their fourth cousin twice removed.

I'm finding that many couples are entertaining this idea more and more, especially when they see how the over-the-top "platinum" weddings can translate to an enjoyable mini vacation for their guests. Additionally, couples on a budget are also finding that they are able to get a more unique wedding options when they look at destinations abroad or in another state. Plus the options of destinations for weddings are endless!

I believe that this trend will be more increasingly popular as couples try to find new ways to say I Do, while making it a truly memorable experience for their guests.

Some hot areas to have a destination wedding:

Riviera Maya, Mexico
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Prague, Czech Republic
Sicily, Italy
Quebec City, Canada
St. Lucia
St. John
The Bahamas
Puerto Rico
Miami, Florida
Napa Valley, California
Santa Barbara, California
New Orleans, Louisiana

Destination weddings are an experience on it's own. Working with a Destination Wedding specialists like, Percy Sales Events, will make the experience seamless and will help in making sure that you and your guests enjoy every moment of your wedding experience.

If you are looking for a wedding that will truly wow your guests, don't rule out how a destination wedding can work within your budget. You just might be surprised!

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