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Guest Blogger: Megan Battistella of Adair Design

I met Megan through one of the "usual" social network sites...Facebook. I had read one of her other guests posts and thought wow, this could be a great guest blogger for the Let's Party With Percy Sales Events Blog. So, I asked Megan if she could do a blog for me on the topic of her choice and she graciously agreed. In her guest blog, Megan will be discussing her trend/forecast watch in wedding invitations for 2010/2011. I hope you enjoy it! Here's Megan's blog:

Trend Watch in Wedding Invitations 2010/2011

By: Megan Battistella owner of Adair Custom Designs: Specializing in Wedding Invitations and Stationary.

POP QUIZ: This one is for all engaged couples out there!

What is the most important thing that a wedding invitation set should do for

an engaged couple?

A. Set the tone for the wedding

B. Elicit a response

C. Save money!

D. Wedding invitations? Shoot! I forgot about those…

For engaged couples, the excitement of planning a wedding can overwhelm the most basic principal of what an invitation is intended to do, and that is: get a response! My experience in creating corporate identity has taught me that thoughtful design is essential to creating personality with an impact.

For the budget-conscious couples looking to balance affordability and personal style consider the following: will your invitation be considered a “keepsake”? People know the difference between art and ordinary. The highest compliment is for your guests to keep your wedding invitations. Through exciting the senses with something different, you will find that an immediate response from your guests is not uncommon. People crave a fresh approach as opposed to a tired format!

Next year springs forth a fresh decade of fantastic trends and new ideas! Familiar and entirely new, retro and modern combined; it is indeed the beginning of a new era of contemporary design. These trends are recession busters and have been recycled from decades and even centuries past as tried and true.

THEMES THAT WILL TREND in 2010/2011—Some of these themes draw from the past and will continue to show resiliency in the future, overlapping will be prevalent among all of these categories

“Art Deco” Wedding Packages

This will be one of the most prevalent trends seen in the wedding industry for next year. It is on the verge of exploding. This trend can go in numerous different avenues for wedding invitation sets, but the following will be the most common.

Art Deco: 1920’s and 30’s inspired. Wedding invitations will present strong, contrasting geometric patterning, borrowing from classic architectural elements of the roaring twenties. Vertical paper layouts will prove to be more consistent with the “style” of art deco. Perfect for those watching their budgets, because pieces that print with only one color designs, (black) on white or colored paper are more economical. For added elegance, consider metallic or pearl papers.

Art Deco: Floral Seventies and modernized Baroque: These will still have an overwhelming sense of “pattern.” Flat color, graphic, non-dimensional floral patterns will be prevalent in tomorrow’s wedding invitation designs.

“Folksy/culturally inspired” Wedding Invitation Sets

Falling back on different cultures, the “folksy pilgrim” is borrowing from all types of traditions and cross-pollinating with today’s society. There is also a strong theme of hand-made, hand-painted and custom detailed wood work which can lead into decorative Baroque style.

Wedding invitation trends in this category will consider specialty shapes in papers, die-cuts, decorative embellishments that are unique to the bride and groom’s heritage and/or ethnic background. Bright impressions of the Latin culture, the simplicity and softness of the Midwestern States and a vivid graphic African influence will be seen in this category.

Wedding invitations will be hand-drawn or possibly painted in watercolors and then over-laid with illustration work, generally in floral patterns. Hand-calligraphy (Examples provided by Jennifer Gillespie of “Calligraphy by Jennifer”) and highly decorative lettering will flourish in fonts. On the opposite spectrum, large, bold, sans-serif fonts will also do incredibly well.

“Eco-Chic” Wedding Invitations

“Going Green” has become a mainstream concept, but new technology and advances in protecting the environment are continuously being supplied to the masses for more economical rates. Consciously looking for alternative papers for invites will continue to be important. Recycled papers come in 30% post-consumer waste and 100% post-consumer waste and more printers are supplying soy-based inks.

"Futuristic" & Digital Wedding Package Sets

Going against the grain and all traditions, these wedding invitation sets will offer new thoughts and design directions for the future. Fluorescent accents in paper, metallic cut-outs, reflective materials and holographic papers will portray an almost surrealist nature. Three dimensionally textured bellybands and uniquely shaped invitation enclosures will grab the spotlight. Peacock feathers used in design motifs or as embellishments will gather interest this upcoming year. Adding layers to invitation sets through the use of frosted, translucent, and transparent papers will add visual interest while maintaining budgets.

In this socially connected world, some couples may consider opting out of paper invitations and go digital. Digital invitations are posted videos on the internet and the response is electronic. (See example, work not created by Megan Battistella of Adair Design- ) This will eliminate the response cards all together and will help to save on postage cost, return address printing and envelopes. Other options are to spend an extra amount of money on a more decorative invitation and then combining a response and directions card which will direct guests to RSVP electronically.

There are plenty of budget conscious and completely out-of-the box ideas that can portray your wedding in a brand-new light.

Please contact me for a free, custom wedding invitation consultation or check out my pre-designed wedding packages and I can give you some pricing. If you check out my blog or Facebook page, leave a note or some feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Contact: Megan Battistella:: Graphic Design Specialist:: Adair Design::

Adair_Design@msn or call: 704.489.1534

Become a Facebook Adair Design fan at:

Visit her Megan's blog at:

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Photos from Adair Designs

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Creative Ceremony Entrance

Don't have to say much. This was such a creative way to celebrate their wedding. I'm not sure all churches would approve of this, but it was awesome none the less. Weddings should always be this joyous. It had me in tears. After seeing this I wonder what the rest of their wedding was like...especially the reception. I am sure they were dancing all night!

Would any of my clients like to do this? Just let me know.

Great song too - Forever (unfortunately it's sung by Chris Brown)



Video from YouTube

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's New at The Shop @ Percy Sales Events

The Shop @ Percy Sales Events is your one stop shopping source for your wedding or event. You can find everything from bridal shoes and accessories to favor ideas and invitations. Check out the latest finds at The Shop @ Percy Sales Events

Kate Spade Gracious Bridal Shoe

Jessica Rhinestone Bangle Bracelets
$38/per set

Pre-Printed Quote Aisle Runner
$55 (36"W x 100'L)

Find these and other spectacular items at The Shop @ Percy Sales Events. Use our convenient search function to easily locate the items you need.

Happy Shopping!


Photos from The Shop @ Percy Sales Events

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Gown Designer to Watch: Rosa Clará

Rosa Clará is the designer to watch and I would not be surprised if she was the go to wedding gown designer in the next couple of years. I'm in total awe after seeing some of this designer's gowns.

Rosa Clará has been in business since 1995. Her designs are known in Latin countries and on the European circuit but have not quite made an impact here in the US. She currently has some gowns being sold exclusively at Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC and some select styles can be found at premiere bridal boutiques throughout the US. A list of local retailers can be found on the Rosa Clará Website. Rosa Clará is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Rosa Clará designs are absolutely modern, gorgeous, and it transcends time. She states that her '09 collection is, "Inspired by two trends: One, simple lines with close fitting gowns. And the other, spectacular volume." All I can say is that her gowns are like none I have seen in recent years. You also need to check out the Rosa Clará '08 line and you will notice that things she was putting out last year are now being presented by other designers this year. She is definitely "wedding" fashion forward.

It seems as if she has taken aspects from different cultures and made them her own. You will see gorgeous draping on Grecian Gowns, Kimono inspired wedding dresses, Modern Princess Gowns and of ode to Barcelona, Spanish influenced gowns.

Additionally, many of her pieces can morph into a second look by adding or removing lace jackets that she has designed to go with certain gowns.

Here's a sampling of the gowns I love.

Style #213 Languido - Organza dress with beading and a Chantilly lace jacket with hemstitch decoration. A lovely dress with two looks. When you take off the full-length lace jacket, you are left with a stunning strapless gown, perfect for the reception.

Style #248 Lua - Beaded bodice with a silk brocade skirt and train. This dress reminds me of a modern Kimono. The train detail is so wonderful with its multiple tiers. The dress is so simple yet so stunning.

Style #159 Lyla - Halter dress with floral neck embellishment and embroidered flowers on a full skirt. The ultimate playful princess dress. I love the embroidery on the skirt; it gives the gown a little spunk, but keeps it elegant at the same time. Cinderella would have been proud to wear this gown. need to check out the Rosa Clará line, there are so many wonderful gowns to discover on her site. Additionally she also a second line that is more affordable called Two by Rosa Clará and a link to her Complements line of veils, tops, shoes, and headdresses (used by Karl Lagerfeld in Chanel's Pre-Fall 2009 Collection Fashion Show).

I hope you will love this designer as much as I do. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us in coming years.

Jo Vull Rosa Clará!


Photos from Rosa Clará

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trend Thursdays: Light Up the Sky

Traditionally these sky lanterns have been used in Taipei and Thailand as part of special occasions and festivals. They light up the sky beautifully and are so dramatic when you release them in large groups. The sky lanterns would be a great addition to a wedding, birthday or even funeral. You can attach wishes or messages to them and send them to the "heavens" to be fulfilled.

From Wikipedia, "Sky lanterns are traditionally made of oiled rice paper with a bamboo frame that contain a small candle or fuel cell, which is a waxy combustible material. When lit the fuel cell heats the air, creating smoke, and causes the lantern to rise into the air. The sky lantern is airborne for approximately 15 minutes, or until the fuel cell is exhausted, then the sky lantern floats back to the ground. They will achieve quite a height, but it is recommended not to launch them in strong winds."

Now you have the opportunity to use these unique lanterns for your next event. You can order sky lanterns from a company like The Sky Lantern. It comes in various colors, but I think the white is the most beautiful visually. I have used them at some weddings and it really wows the guests. The basic sky lantern at The Sky Lantern cost $5.00 each. Check out their Chinese Water Lanterns too, a dramatic touch to pools or other bodies of water.

Remember to contact your local Fire Marshall to get the appropriate permits prior to using these lanterns.

So light up the sky at your next event!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Location Love - Canary Hotel, Santa Barbara

Yesterday I took a client to see potential venue spaces in Santa Barbara for a quaint wedding of 75 people. Our last stop was the Canary Hotel, a boutique hotel that is located in the heart of Santa Barbara. After checking out the banquet rooms, the largest capable of seating a party for 160 people, we took the elevator up to the Rooftop Perch, thanks to the staff who let us up. The bride gasped as we exited the elevator to this little haven above Santa Barbara.

She thought she wanted to have a reception near the beach until she saw this place. She was overcome by the mountain and red tile roof views that the Canary Hotel truly is the quintessential Santa Barbara location. It was like putting on the perfect wedding gown. She immediately thought that this was the space for her and I have to agree, this location would be perfect for this bride. I have been to that perch many times and even planned a wedding there when it was known as Hotel Andalucia. At any rate, I fell in love with the space again.

Everything about the Canary Hotel...the architecture, decor, tile work, outdoor fireplace, views, location, and the hotel staff...may just make this little hotel the perfect location for your wedding. It's a lot more affordable than most people will speculate and it can accommodate a good number of folks. The only negative is...I was not listed as one of their preferred Wedding Planners and Coordinators. Regardless of that little detail, if you are looking for the ultimate location in Santa Barbara to wed, check out the Canary Hotel. You may never want to leave its nest.

To check out their floor plan, capacity charts and catering menus, please visit their Special Events Webpage. The Canary Hotel is located at 31 West Cabrillo, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or you can reach their Sales and Catering department by contacting them at 805-884-0300.


Photos from the Canary Hotel

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday: Affordable Receptions

The wedding reception is what guests look forward to most...celebrating with the bride and groom on their happy day. We enjoy the meals, the drinks, the cake, the dancing, and the joy of it all. This past weekend, I heard from a friend about a relative's reception that really surprised them so much that they were speechless by the time they left. It must have been a real great event!

Following a wonderful beach ceremony, the couple had a lavish reception at a posh restaurant, one of the more expensive restaurants in the area, with 70 invited guests in attendance. The guests ordered off the menu, not a prix fixed menu, they had an open bar, champagne, choice of dessert, and of course wedding cake. A jazz trio played nicely in a corner of the restaurant. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? People were having a great time. My friends thought, wow, they must have saved up to have such a great reception, because the couple really did not have careers.

Just as guests were being treated to dessert, the mother of the groom and some other family members went around greeting guests and delivering a special message to them from the bride and groom. The message was, "Thank you for coming, the meal will cost you $100.00 each and we would be appreciative if you can help pay for the bride and grooms' meal as well." WHAT...THE HORROR! I guess the bride and groom got the bill and the family divided it by the number of people there, the bill was nearly $7000 with tax and gratuities. At first my friends thought it was a joke (since they are relatives), but when they started laughing the mother of the groom looked at them and said, "If you need an ATM machine that there was one across the street at the bank." They looked around the room and saw the same sort of shock on the other guest's face, while the bride and groom smiled and ate their dessert. This was a pay your own wedding reception, which the bride and groom hesitated to put on their wedding invitations. The guests were all stunned and the family scrambled to get enough money to pay the bill.

Here's the tip. If you cannot afford to have a wedding reception that you can pay for, DON'T HAVE ONE. If you have limited funds to celebrate your nuptials, than be creative and do it small. Instead of having a lavish reception you can have a dessert reception at a relative's home, cake and punch at the ceremony location, a home cooked BBQ in the backyard, or an organized a potluck dinner with family and friends. This can just be as joyous as an over-the-top-reception. It's what you make of it and how you choose to celebrate.

Regardless of your financial situation, don't ever invite people to a reception and then ask them to pay for their meal, without disclosing that fact first. I mean I have heard about cash bars at a reception (I highly discourage my clients to do this), but never a cash meal (would never fathom the idea). It's just down right tacky. Throw a reception that you can afford or don't have one at all.


Photo from Personality Budgeting

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