Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trend Thursdays: Learn Something from Past Brides and Grooms

Yesterday on both my Facebook and Twitter status, I asked my friends and followers this one question: " I am wondering - for you married folks, what do you remember most of your wedding? For those getting married - what are you looking forward to the most?

I asked this questions so that I can post it on my blog. I think it is a great way for future brides and grooms to see what experiences, details, that the past brides and grooms remembered most. I will try to add more to this list as people respond, but I would love to have my readers add their own in the comments also!

Here's some of the highlighted responses so far:

"I remember the ceremony and having fun with our friends and family the most at our wedding. We don't even remember what flavor cake we had. Of course great wedding photography helps you remember your day!" -Lilia, San Francisco

"Dancing our last dance at the reception as people surrounded us with sparklers under a perfect Santa Barbara Sky." - Sarah, Camarillo, CA

"Having a great time with friends and family." - Future Bride, Jessica, San Marino, CA

"All the wonderful guests! Never have I had so many people I love dearly in one place at one time!" - Carla, Santa Barbara, CA

"My favorite memory was after my brother did his toast, he invited everyone (170 people) to join us in our first dance (rather than dancing alone). We were in tears seeing the whole place slow dancing to Etta James' At Last followed by everyone dancing to Holiday by Madonna. I wish I had a video of it." - Ross, Ojai, CA

"Instead of a guest sign-in book, we gave every guest a card and asked them to write something to us. We read the cards a year later on our one year anniversary - it was amazing! Some had written about our wedding, some about relationships, some had advice - all were heartfelt and it reading them was like being transported right back to the wedding." - Kristin, Santa Barbara, CA

"I remember at one point looking around the reception room and seeing all of our favorite people - friends and family - all in one place...celebrating us! I also remember our video/photo montage set to music that we played during the reception. we got a lot of laughs out of that since they included photos of many of the same people who were in the... Read More reception. I also remember the Friday night before the wedding meeting up at a local bar with our guests who were in from out of town as well as the Sunday brunch we hosted the day after the wedding. We made a whole weekend out of our wedding! It was a mini-destination wedding...we married in Carmel, CA. " - Clarissa, San Diego, CA

"Everyone we love being with us. And watching to see how my Mexican family and his English family will understand each others accents!" - Future Bride Elizabeth, Anaheim, CA

"I remember almost all of my wedding. I made it a point to step back several times & take it all in! I mostly remember the last dance, after the room cleared and everyone was outside waiting for us to leave." - Gloria, Torrance, CA

"The earthquake, I kid you not." - Lisa, Dallas, TX

"When we had our first dance to the Style Council's "You're the Best Thing!" -Jill, Seattle, WA

"I remember the the moment I walked into the church to a piano playing "From This Moment" and saw how full the church was just for us. Also when my husband saw me for the first time. That was definitely a memorable moment." - Rhonda, Union City, CA

"I remember when we lit our unity candle right before our vows and turned around and started to past our flames to everyone in the church, everyone had their own candle. Then the church lights were dimmed and we said our vows in candlelight. It was the most romantic and intimate moment ever, even with tons of guests there." -Percy, Ojai, CA

I hope you will look at what these past brides and grooms remembers the most and what future couples are hoping for. Remember the day goes by fast, so take a moment to enjoy your day and just to take it all in.


Photo by Gloria Plunkett Photography

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