Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have Passport will Travel! Passport Inspired Save the Date Cards

Save the Card Passport Suite (Last name removed for Privacy)
I am so excited to have the save the date cards (STDs) for my client's Riviera Maya wedding in September complete and out the door! Jocelyn Chan-Style, the paper stylist, is INCREDIBLE. She really took the concept of this destination wedding and blew it out of the park.  My clients are ecstatic beyond believe on the outcome.

Her passport inspired save the date cards came out incredible and the details are mind-blowing. Everything from the Manila paper envelopes to the coding on the bottom of the passports is pitch perfect. She incorporated the wedding colors perfectly too! Jocelyn hand assembled and finished all the detailing, such as the rhinestones, herself.

This is the first time I have worked with Jocelyn and I have to say it won't be the last. The amazing part of this is that, Jocelyn, is not doing this work professionally; she actually has a different career...that I think she needs to reconsider PRONTO. From the start, she had a vision of what the concept should look like and the end product not only captured all that but she also executed it flawlessly. She is really flexible to work with and easy going, so the experience of designing this custom invitation was a treat. In the end, she produced one of the loveliest STD cards I have seen in a long time. I think that any bride or couple looking for an inspired, custom, tailored, and hand made invitations should contact Jocelyn NOW before she becomes big time...that won't be too long judging from this gem!

She is currently working on the bride and grooms' boxed wedding invitations that will include original watercolor artwork. From the prototypes I have seen...they will be MIND BLOWING! I can't wait to see the final version.

Here's a look at Racquel and Lynn's save the date cards for September 2011! Enjoy!

Bride and Groom Information page (Last Names removed for Privacy)
Front and back of envelope
Detail of one of the 8 pages inside the invitation
Invitation cover

For information regarding Jocelyn's pricing and how she can create your ultimate wedding invitation, contact her by email at miss.joce@gmail.com


Ari Perilstein said...

These save the dates are incredible!! What a great idea for a destination wedding.

Joanna said...

These save the date cards are amazing! You are so talented! I cant wait till my own wedding so that I can have Jocelyn design my invitations and paper goods!

Joanna said...

These 'save the dates' are absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see what else you come up with! Keep up the good work!

Passport Application said...

I must say that Jocelyn are very talented woman.. because She really took the concept of this destination wedding and blew it out of the park. Thanks for your post, you did a great job..keep it up!

Roy D. Slater said...

I love the passport save the date cards. They look so nice. I would use the idea, but last time my sister went to travel she lost her passport and had to get an expedite passport. It was a mess. But these are so nice, thanks for the wonderful post.

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