Monday, March 21, 2011

Here Comes the Bespoke Groom!

Who said that the bride should be the only one to get a custom-made outfit for their wedding day? With  more and more grooms being involved with what their wedding day will look like - it's only fitting that the groom should also get some bespoke clothing for his big day as well!

You no longer have to go to Italy or get an appointment at Ascot Chang in NYC to get custom-made shirts. Once only attainable to the wealthy, bespoke clothing brand J. Hilburn has brought custom clothing to the everyday man! Which is a perfect solution for the groom who wants to stand out!

Launched in 2007,  J. Hilburn delivers high-quality custom tailored men's apparel at affordable prices. So what does this mean for the groom who wants custom? J. Hilburn can help you design your wedding apparel from an array of fine Italian fabrics and style options, all from the convenience of your office or home! Giving you the opportunity to make sure you and your groomsmen look perfect for your special day. An added bonus for the groom is...since J. Hilburn sells directly to are able to choose from the same exact fabrics offered by other luxury clothiers at significant savings and I mean SIGNIFICANT! This is the J. Hilburn advantage.

Need help? With J. Hilburn, planning what the guys will be wearing and how to get them outfitted is an easy task. J. Hilburn Style Advisor, Kathy Everitt can help with you with all your wedding style needs and how to best achieve them. And get get a PERSONAL style consultant for NO CHARGE - imagine that! A full personal tailoring experience at the convenience of your own office or home AT NO CHARGE! Talk about moving on up! 

I recently interviewed Style Advisor, Kathy Everitt, regarding the J. Hilburn experience and I want to share with you excerpts from the discussion. 

What makes J. Hilburn special? 

Simply put, J. Hilburn is about value, extraordinary customer service, exceptional quality, great fit at below retail prices, and a welcome convenience for men who don’t have time to shop. J. Hilburn will come to your office or home, take your measurements on the spot, help you pick from a selection of 250 fabrics, design a shirt, and place an order with no minimum required. your measurements and selections are sent to J. Hilburn's specialty tailor. The garment is meticulously crafted to your specifications and will arrive a few weeks later. 

Isn't that level of service going to cost me an arm and a leg? 

With all the high-quality features and personal options J. Hilburn provides, one would expect to pay an arm and a leg. Not so. The fabrics are sourced directly from Italy’s Tessitura Monti S.p.A., where state-of-the-art technology is used to ensure the highest standard of quality. The company's custom products range from $79 for a dress shirt and up to $185 for made to measure Italian wool trousers. 

Since I am looking at custom clothing is it better to go formal or unique? 

What is your wedding style? Are you having a traditional wedding or a destination wedding by the ocean? Do you want a traditional wedding where all your groomsmen wear tuxedos or do you want them in beachwear? From formal to “anything goes” weddings,  J. Hilburn offers men’s attire to help reflect the unique and personal style of the groom and the bride on their wedding day.

Let me give you an example. If you are looking at a formal or black tie event you might want to look at J. Hilburn's bespoke tuxedo shirts which can be worn with any tuxedo style. The tuxedo shirt comes in two styles: (1) the classic point, and (2) the wing tip collar. The front two panels are chosen per the customer’s taste, and the rest of the shirt is made from a standard white broadcloth. Unlike a regular dress shirt, the tuxedo shirt comes with a strip that allows the top four buttons to be removed and replaced with studs.So as you can see - we will make sure these pieces meet your expectations. 

My groomsmen live all around the United States. How can we make sure we get the correct fit and styles for each of them? 

After meeting you for the initial style consultation, J. Hilburn goes the extra mile by scheduling appointments with your groomsmen for personal fittings. With a network of 650 style advisors nationwide, Kathy Everitt can easily coordinate measurements and fittings for the big day - no matter where your groomsmen may be.  Additionally, there's no need to stress out about the groomsmen picking out the wrong shirt or pants since our style advisors will have all the parameters from your consultation on file. 

Can I give these as gifts to my groomsmen? 

J. Hilburn is the perfect gift for your groomsmen. It's a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation. In addition you can give your most important men in your life a J. Hilburn gift card to order a custom piece when they want. Other great J.Hilburn gift ideas for the guys include cashmere sweaters, handcrafted silver cufflinks, exotic belts, and grooming products.

For more information about J. Hilburn or to schedule a personal fitting and consultation, please contact Kathy Everitt at (972) 523-3288 or at

Finally a coupon to use for trying their services!

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Lani said...

My husband has 3 J Hilburn shirts and couldn't be happier...the quality and the fit far surpass anything he previously had. I HIGHLY recommend you contact Kathy Everitt for a consultation.

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