Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton

Congratulations William and Kate!

For many of us, we have since Prince William literally grow up before our eyes...he's sorta like the true child of the world! On this momentous day, when the Prince marries his Princess, we celebrate with Will and Kate as they share their devotion of love and commitment for one another to the world.

The wedding itself was every brides dream come true. This kind of fanfare and the frenzy doesn't come around too often. I don't remember anticipating a wedding like this since Princess Diana wed Prince Charles...and I am a wedding planner!

From the time that Catherine arrived to Westminster Abbey in the Queen's 1950s Roll Royce...the world waited with bated breath on what she looked like and more importantly what her wedding dress looked like and let me tell you the wait was well worth it!

Kate's dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and it perfectly reflected the brides style. It was a modern interpretation of Princess Grace's wedding gown. This gown though is 100% Kate! Nothing over the top but absolutely stunning! The ivory and white Duchess satin A-line ball gown with full skirt and and 8' 10" train, highlighted Kate's look rather than distract from it. The hand-embroidery on the skirt was equally understated but made a beautiful impact. The lace bodice with a v-neck, long sleeves, and collar really made the dress. She topped off the look with a Chantilly Lace veil. Kate's 1936 Cartier halo tiara is borrowed from the Queen. This particular tiara was given to the Queen on her 18th birthday by her mother. The brides diamond pear-shaped drop earrings are a gift from Kate's parents and the only piece of jewelry that adorned her body, besides her engagement ring and later, the Welsh gold wedding band.

Kate carried a simple, yet beautiful bouquet that had Myrtle, a royal tradition, Ivy, Sweet William, Lily-of-the-valley, and Hyacinth.

Pippa, Kate's sister and maid of honor, wore a simple ivory column gown with a cowl neck, cap sleeves, and button detailing on the back, also designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

The bridesmaids wore pleated tea length gowns with puffy capped sleeves. Perfectly appropriate for the royal wedding...very simple. The page boys reflected the look of Prince William/little drummer boys.

The Queen wore yellow! A bright and cheery outfit with matching hat designed by Angela Kelly. She looks great.

The brides mother, Carolyn, wore a simple white dress with a pale blue coat over it and matching pale blue hat by Catherine Walker, a favorite of the late Princess Di...very simple and almost ordinary...though it gave us great insight to the understated elegance we would see in the brides gown as well.

Westminster Abbey was decorated very simply with the additions of trees that brought the outside in...continuing the view that Catherine had on her ride to Westminster Abbey

Prince William was stunning in his red military outfit. What a perfect looking groom! Prince Harry is just as stunning and debonair as his groom brother.

William and Kate, the future King and Queen of England, will now be known to the world as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and will also be known as Prince and Princess William of Wales. Though I am sure the media will still call her Princess Catherine or Princess Kate...but officially she is HRH Princess William of Wales.

For the black tie evening festivities with a guest list of over 300 of their closest friends and family, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge donned more manageable attire, that was still stunning. The Duchess wore another Sarah Burton designed gown. This time a strapless A-line white satin gazar gown with circle skirt and diamante embroidered detailing around the waist. She topped it off with a white angora bolero...which again was simple yet elegant and stunning. The Duke stayed with the standard double breasted black tuxedo.
William and Catherine...may your marriage be everlasting and full of joy. Congratulations and many blessings!


TorrentDownload said...

Englishmen have great traditions and customs of wedding ceremony. I was amazed. It is so beatiful. And the couple was really cool. It definitely worth watching.

Atlanta Roofing said...

I watched the wedding and I got the same impression from it. They are two people in love and since it wasn’t arranged and they fell in love the way they wanted too, it’s bound to last. I thought Kate looked amazing and I think she knows that she has huge shoes to fill and she’s ready to do that. I don’t like how everyone is comparing her to Princess Diana because that’s his mom and I just don’t think its right.

Atlanta Roofing said...

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