Monday, August 1, 2011

Real Weddings: Mina & Chris

I had the wonderful privilege of planning and designing Mina & Chris' intimate, but fabulous 2011 Fourth of July nuptials. Their wedding was suppose to occur in May 2012...but with a quick change of plans, I had to plan their dream destination wedding in just three weeks! Funny how things fall into place.

This wedding was pretty unique for me, and it seems to be the trend with other couples I am working with as well. I never met the Chris and Mina until, literally, two days before their wedding day. I didn't even know what they looked like...but I did take a peek at their Facebook pages, just so I would have a clue and get a sense of their style. We did not friend each other until after the wedding. Let's just say I had some anxiety at some of my choices for them, especially the estate they were having their wedding and staying at, which was booked solely on my recommendations! 

I picked up Mina on the curb near Nordstroms in Santa Barbara to get her dress pressed...she had literally just gotten off the plane and was walking around downtown SB with luggage and dress in hand! Mina and Chris lives in VA. The planning and design was all done through email...literally! I think we spoke once on the phone and that was before they hired me! Everything from the estate to all the selections were done with the email approval process...some things they just left up to me to do and trusted my judgement...scary considering I've never met them as a couple...but I was also confident in my ability to create a fabulous event. I am just happy they loved their wedding and was pleased with the outcome.

Their wedding was held on a beautiful Fourth of July Day, clear in Santa Barbara, with beautiful 360 degree views all the way to the ocean from the estate. The wedding took place during the early evening just in time for them to sit down and enjoy a sunset dinner! The party ended with two firework shows which the family enjoyed while having s'mores at a firepit on the estate.

Their wedding was surrounded by immediate family only and it made such a touching moment throughout the day. It was great to be part of their family for the day and to see the love they have surrounding them! Congratulations Mina and Chris!

The Vendors:
Planning and Design by Percy Sales Events
Flowers by Wendy Smith Tremiti of Your Image Floral Design
Photography by Shelly Vinson Photography
Catering by Tamara's Catering
Hair and Make Up: Ja'Nice Estrada with DeVenir Beauty
Ceremony and Dinner Music by Anthony Ybarra
Officiant: Gail Kelley Murray
Location and Accommodations: Fair Hills Estate, Santa Barbara
Cupcakes by Whodelicious
Linens by La Tavola
Rentals by The Tent Merchant

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