Monday, May 4, 2009

Inspiration Mondays: Lego

Lately my Inspiration Mondays have been inspired by my is no different. This evening we were playing with my Lego blocks that are almost 30 years old. I finally took it out of storage and gave it to him. These multi-colored blocks are my muse for today and I thought I would do a wedding based on Lego. Actually, I have had a Lego inspired wedding cake done for a client and those photos are part of this board as well.

Here are my elements in making a fun and quirky Lego themed wedding...or even party. Click on inspiration board to enlarge (clockwise from top left):

Wedding Gown: Melissa Sweet; Necklace: Coloroot; Invitations: My Gatsby; Sandals: Fendi; Cake: Christine Dahl; Flower Centerpiece: Fan Pop; Candy Favors:; LED Lanterns: Geek Alert; Cake Topper: Lego; Lounge Furniture: No Made Design; Bridesmaid Gown: Priscilla of Boston; Rings: Hardware Sphere

I hope this inspiration board stacks up to your Lego wedding expectations.


Photos from above mentioned sites, except for cake and cake topper photos by Percy Sales


Mindy said...

So funny I was just thinking about my 30 year old Lego collections as well! Still have them, oh yes I do!

Mindy said...

P.S. Tis was a cute picture from Twitter: RT @JJLaBarbera:

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