Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trend Thursday: Smaller is Sometimes Better

Lately, I have been talking to more couples who are looking to make their wedding and reception more intimate. When I say intimate, I am talking 50 people or less. I am not sure if this is because they have heard from past couples that they wish they had a smaller wedding or if it's part of being more economically aware.

I personally think this trend may be induced by the recession. I think couples are looking at ways to be less extravagant in light of what's happening financially around the globe. Even though they are being conscious, I think they are also looking at providing a better quality event in whole.

Couples are looking at ways to do things better without being over the top with the budget that they have. This includes upgrading the food, picking estates with an intimate space, or upgrading the total guest experience.

At a recent wedding that I planned, the couple only invited 30 of their closest family and friends. They opted to rent out an estate where everyone can stay under one roof for the duration of the 3-day event. They were able to visit with each of their loved ones, share special memories, and really enjoy each other's company. On wedding day, the guests were invited into a transformed ceremony and reception site within the estate. They enjoyed wonderful musicians during the ceremony and reception, feasted on a 7-course meal fit for a king and queen, and enjoyed an evening under the stars. It was truly a memorable event for all. Even though they had an intimate event, they still wanted top notch quality and this was definitely better than quantity.

Therefore, if you are looking for ways to maximize your dollars, you might want to look at cutting down your guest list. Pouring more of your budget into making a fabulous small and intimate celebration is a great way to get what you really want. Quantity does not make a party...attitude does. You can always have a more informal BBQ celebration for all your other friends later on.

So here's a trend for you to contemplate, smaller is sometimes better.


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