Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trend Thursday: Equality Rings

In celebration of Gay (LGBT) Pride Month and to all the states, like Iowa and New Hampshire who have passed laws allowing same-sex couples to legally get married, I am highlighting a very special designer who designs with equality in mind, David Jason Taylor.

David's designs are geared towards the men in your life, but his designs are unisex enough that women who love them can also wear them. Currently he has two lines on his Website, the Tribeca Silver Collection and the Venetian Gold Collection. Both lines are FABULOUS.

Who would have thought to design jeweled stackable rings for me the guys? Sure Tiffany's has been doing it for the ladies, but now multi-colored gem bling for guys...OUTSTANDING! Not only does he use diamonds, but he also uses such gems as linen quartz, lemon or green citrine, blue topaz, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires...OH MY. The big plus is all of his pieces are handmade and handcrafted the day they are ordered! In addition to his rings, David has made some outstanding necklaces that would be great gifts for your groomsmen, best woman, or anyone special in your lives.

These rings are not only perfect as wedding rings, but they make great engagement rings too. Additionally, if you don't plan to marry, they are just a perfect accessory to have. I'm personally eyeing the Tribeca Band Ring as a replacement to my own nonchalant wedding band.

So, in celebration of diversity and equality, show your pride and your support by supporting those who give back towards the fight for equal rights, such as David Jason Taylor. Additionally, when you place your order on the David Jason Taylor Website and use the following code: percysales, you will receive free shipping and 10% of your purchase will be donated to organizations that support marriage equality.

Visit the world of David Jason Taylor today, you will love his pieces.


Photos from David Jason Taylor

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Nico Designs said...

these are fabo Percy!!! Great find!

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