Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Gown Designer to Watch: Rosa Clará

Rosa Clará is the designer to watch and I would not be surprised if she was the go to wedding gown designer in the next couple of years. I'm in total awe after seeing some of this designer's gowns.

Rosa Clará has been in business since 1995. Her designs are known in Latin countries and on the European circuit but have not quite made an impact here in the US. She currently has some gowns being sold exclusively at Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC and some select styles can be found at premiere bridal boutiques throughout the US. A list of local retailers can be found on the Rosa Clará Website. Rosa Clará is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Rosa Clará designs are absolutely modern, gorgeous, and it transcends time. She states that her '09 collection is, "Inspired by two trends: One, simple lines with close fitting gowns. And the other, spectacular volume." All I can say is that her gowns are like none I have seen in recent years. You also need to check out the Rosa Clará '08 line and you will notice that things she was putting out last year are now being presented by other designers this year. She is definitely "wedding" fashion forward.

It seems as if she has taken aspects from different cultures and made them her own. You will see gorgeous draping on Grecian Gowns, Kimono inspired wedding dresses, Modern Princess Gowns and of ode to Barcelona, Spanish influenced gowns.

Additionally, many of her pieces can morph into a second look by adding or removing lace jackets that she has designed to go with certain gowns.

Here's a sampling of the gowns I love.

Style #213 Languido - Organza dress with beading and a Chantilly lace jacket with hemstitch decoration. A lovely dress with two looks. When you take off the full-length lace jacket, you are left with a stunning strapless gown, perfect for the reception.

Style #248 Lua - Beaded bodice with a silk brocade skirt and train. This dress reminds me of a modern Kimono. The train detail is so wonderful with its multiple tiers. The dress is so simple yet so stunning.

Style #159 Lyla - Halter dress with floral neck embellishment and embroidered flowers on a full skirt. The ultimate playful princess dress. I love the embroidery on the skirt; it gives the gown a little spunk, but keeps it elegant at the same time. Cinderella would have been proud to wear this gown. need to check out the Rosa Clará line, there are so many wonderful gowns to discover on her site. Additionally she also a second line that is more affordable called Two by Rosa Clará and a link to her Complements line of veils, tops, shoes, and headdresses (used by Karl Lagerfeld in Chanel's Pre-Fall 2009 Collection Fashion Show).

I hope you will love this designer as much as I do. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us in coming years.

Jo Vull Rosa Clará!


Photos from Rosa Clará

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