Friday, January 21, 2011

The Knot Best of Weddings 2011 and Cake Balls...Makes for a Good Day!

Well it's been a pretty exciting day at Percy Sales Events and it's not even noon yet! We got an email a few weeks ago that stated that we were voted as one of the Best Wedding Planners by The Knot for their 2011 Best of Weddings - a yearly thing they do that identifies the best of the best in every region! Today it was official as The Knot revealed publicly their 2011 The Knot Best of Weddings on their website and we were definitely on the list! Next up is the publication which should come out in the next month or so!

I am so honored and happy to have been selected amongst my peers and recognized as one of the best by such an influential publication! I am more than ecstatic! 2011 is going to be a great year for Percy Sales Events and we can't wait to assist our current and future couples in creating their dream weddings!

If you need assistance on any level with your weddings, birthday, or any other type of celebration, Percy Sales Events will be more than happy to work with you! If you mention The Knot upon contracting our services we will give you an additional 10% off our services! Percy Sales Events is available to produce, design, and coordinate weddings worldwide. Ask us about our destination wedding services making it easy and simple to have your wedding abroad or let us design and plan the wedding of your dreams locally! Either way, Percy Sales Events, will make sure that your wedding or other celebration will be one you remember with joy forever!

Look out for our new website soon! We are revamping and updating the look of the Percy Sales Events website.

After we received the news about The Knot, I had a little tasting session in the office to try these new cake balls from a company out of Dallas called Zen Baking Company. The little balls of heaven were pretty amazing but not at all what I was expecting. From the get go, I had in my mind that these little sweet balls were going to be mini circular, ball like, cakes that were iced and decorated...a cake ball. What we got was something more surprising and something that I love! You know you all love to lick the left over batter off the bowls when you are baking right? Well, these "cake" balls are more of the like the uncooked batter, just a little more dense (truffle like consistency)...not sure how they do it actually...but I think they should be renamed as Cake Batter Balls. But at any rate, these cake balls by Zen Baking Company would make nice favors or an addition to your dessert table at your event.

Our favorite cake ball flavors that we tried today were:
Ode to NOLA a pecan praline concoction
Mocha Toffee Crunch
Pastilla de Yummy (a sugar candy sorta bite - for Filipinos it tastes like the pastilla sugar candies)
Choco-choco-choco-late a chocoholics best friend!
Purplelicious is a made from purple yams or Ube and is a throwback to a traditional Filipino dessert, really delicious

The other item we tried and absolutely loved from Zen Baking Company was their Cookie Dough Whoa balls! I absolutely enjoyed these...the grainy raw cookie dough presented in an upscale way and covered in either white chocolate or dark chocolate...what else can you ask for! The Snickerdoodle was pretty awesome and was a hit amongst those tasting them. All in all these were probably our most favorite and people were fighting for the leftovers.

In addition to their core flavors, they also offer seasonal and specialty flavors! I am sure if there is something you are wanting they can probably come up with a cake ball to match it. A bit of warning - these cake balls are not for the faint of heart. These are pretty intense in taste and it definitely gives you a sugar rush. Think truffles only cakier.

They have many options for presentation packaging and they ship their products pretty meticulously. So ordering them for shipping is no problem at all. The samples arrived at my house as beautiful as they packaged them up. These will definitely be a hit and a conversation piece at your next event. For more information please contact Zen Baking Company if you are in the Dallas area you can find cake balls at your local Central Market.

Thank you to Zen Baking Company for sending us samples! We are fans!

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