Monday, April 21, 2008

Designer Wear for the Groom

Who said grooms can't be fashionable? It's long been known that the wedding day is the bride's day, but why can't it be the groom's day too? Designers are now designing for the groom and giving black tie a little kick into the new millennium.

The following was in the May 2008 issue of Details magazine (Ashton Kutcher cover).

The powder blue shirt under this classic black really sets off the tone. Classic not boring. It offers an alternative to the "color matching" of ties to bridesmaid dresses. Simply a nice twist, especially for the summer. Tuxedo and shirt by Prada. Bow tie by Brooks Brothers.

The khaki suit has become a staple in the last few years especially for beach-side weddings. But a khaki tuxedo with peak lapels and tab-front pants - who would have thought?

This khaki tuxedo really gives "afternoon delight" a new meaning. What groom would not feel totally stylish in this on the beach, wearing some great sandals?

This piece of heaven gives a little formality to the khaki suit. Remember, just like white shoes - do not wear until after Memorial Day. Tuxedo by Calvin Klein. Shirt by Brioni.

Need a bolder statement? How about taking the color and letting it shine outwardly? Far gone are the powder blue tuxedos but this pale pink one will make you want to say, "I DO!" A debonair look to the classic rat pack. All you need is a cigar and a brandy. A total throw back to 1940's Hollywood with a little color flair. Perfect for that estate wedding of your dreams. Tuxedo jacket, shirt, and pants by Michael Bastian. Shoes by Church's.

So all you male fashionista's out there...don't just settle on your wedding day threads, because designers are starting to cater to you on your special day as well.


Photos by Erik Swain


James said...

I love the looks. Definately still formal but a little more stylish. Though you can go wrong with the classic tuxedo.

Jordon said...

Love these tuxedos, especially the pale pink and also the baby blue tux shirt. Very hip and stylish.

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