Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tiffany in Cashmere

Everyone loves the feel of cashmere and would love to receive that iconic blue box from Tiffany & Co., so why not merge the two? Tiffany has ventured out to wearables and this cashmere silk wrap is luscious enough to wear during the day or evening. It makes the perfect bridesmaid gift or a gesture of love to those special few.

This 27" x 70" cashmere silk wrap will definitely engulf you in warmth. It comes in three colors: Tiffany Blue, Pink, and Brown and embroidered with the Tiffany & Co. logo. Price $250 and well worth it! Available at Tiffany & Co. by calling (800) 843-3269.


Picture from Tiffany & Co.


irma said...

The Tiffany wrap is so perfect for the bride to give out for her gifts as thank you's. Oh Percy Sales you just make the weddings so special all the time and know the right things to do! Your Wonderful Percy :)

kenny said...

Have to agree with irma!

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