Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Big 4-0 is Just Around the Corner

My 40th is just around the corner...well in March actually and I am trying to figure out what to do. I am torn between going to Paris/Prague with my family for a week and throwing a big 80s bash at some dilapidated warehouse and turning it to say something like The Palladium, DV8, The Limelight, Das Klub, Noh Club or Paradise Garage...throwing myself a Super Sweet 40th Party. I've even joked that it would be funny for my husband to surprise me with a mini-van rather than a luxury car.

Paris and Prague would be super fun, but with the economy being down, I think I would spend a lot more than throwing a party that my family and friends can come to. Paris and Prague will always be there...I keep telling myself.

I would really love to recreate the club scene of my youth and having people experience the sights and sounds that defined my "clubbing" days. Box dancers, cigar girls, thumping 80s modern rock and old school hip hop, and maybe even some impersonators doing impressions of my favorite singers of the time, such as Pete Burns and Boy George...did you hear that Kim Goodwin! I would really love to have my most favorite DJ ever, Paige Hodel, DJ the event and give it that Box vibe that I miss. The Box was my favorite funk, hip hop, gay and lesbian club in San Francisco...I was there every Thursday night sweatin' (literally) to Paige's ultra great sounds. Is it bad to go back to your hey day?

So I am torn on what to do. I know I can never get back the actual club scene I loved, but it sure would be fun trying to recreate it and mixing it all together. Paris and Prague has pluses because I just have to explore the city and J'aime Paris, but with a 4-year old in tow it would be less romantic than I have it envisioned in my head.

So sound in and tell me what you think I should do!


Photo archive from The Palladium, NYC


Isis said...

Of course the party. Wait till your son is older and can appreciate the trip to Paris/Prague. The party sounds like Wonderful fun!

Anna said...

Have the party. Plus I love the vibe you are going for.


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