Monday, October 6, 2008

Destination Couture

I heard about this fabulous mapmaker from another blog, Wedding Wire, who learned about it from the {ritzy bee} blog, and I am absolutely in love with her work and can't wait to suggest it to my future couples and party throwers! It's Couture Maps by Stephanie Barba.

Couture Maps by Stephanie Barba will customize a map specifically for your event in a whimsical style. It's perfect for any event and it's just cool to look at. A custom map by Couture Maps by Stephanie Barba take about 6 weeks to produce, from design concept to print, but it will definitely be worth the wait.

Check out her portfolio at Couture Maps by Stephanie Barba, she has some awesome examples of past maps that she is artistically made. She can make a map to fit an invitation you may have already purchased, or have her design an invitation with the map you want! Additionally, to match your couture map, their calligrapher can hand write the directions, step by step, in the same fashion of your one-of-a-kind road art.

Hope this guides you to the right location for providing directions to your event.


Photo from Couture Maps by Stephanie Barba

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