Saturday, October 4, 2008

Location Location Location - Casa Barranca in Ojai, CA

I'm giving props to a local estate and vacation rental in my hometown of Ojai, California. This 54 acre craftsman home nestled in the hills of the Ojai Valley is probably one of my favorite rental homes ever! It's called Casa Barranca.

Casa Barranca is surrounded with lush landscaping, incredible views and is the perfect backdrop for a wedding or event. It offers so many options for your event and guests. Additionally, the jaw dropping architecture and furnishings are sure to amaze. If you are staying in the home, you will be pampered not only by the staff but by the location. Talk about a time to relax!

The main house is called the Pratt House and "Architectural Digest notes that in the grace of the Pratt House "...the sun translates the Greenes' structural poetry into ever-shifting patterns of light against polished wood. At night... the silhouette of live oaks is framed against the Milky Way. A closer approximation to Shangri-La is hard to imagine."

Additionally, Casa Barranca also has their own organic vineyard and their wines are fabulous! Accoridng to the Casa Barranca Organic Wine Website, "Our boutique wines are handcrafted in our century old underground stone winery where we use gravity to rack our wines. We are committed to employing winemaking practices without the use of toxic solvents and cleaners. Our winery is powered by solar electricity and we grow and purchase grapes that are farmed without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. This is in keeping with the most time honored traditions of old world winemaking."

Visit the Casa Barranca Website for a virtual tour of the house. If you are interested in checking out this home and other retreat homes in the Ojai Valley, contact Judy Gabriel with Retreats of Ojai and she will be happy to show you what great estates and retreats Ojai has to offer.


Photo from Casa Barranca

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