Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Going Up...

The movie Up was a summer blockbuster that was enjoyed by both kids and adults. It was a love story and an adventure all wrapped in one animated movie! The characters were definitely the star of the show, but the take away to everyday life were the balloons!

With wedding season just about ending we have seen balloons used in almost every aspect of the wedding adventure. We are not talking about the old school balloon arches, pillars, or centerpieces either. We are talking simple and elegant use of the balloon!

Here are some of the trends we have seen using the balloon this year.

Engagement Photos

Room Decor

Balloon Drops

Bridal Photos

I see the use of balloons as an early trend that we will see more and more of in coming years. I even used balloons for my wedding in 2008 (we did a balloon release) after we said "I Do." The simplicity of these childhood favorites just brings a joyous touch to photos and decor. Use the balloon wisely though, because it can come off cheesy rather than classy if not used in the right way. Try to stick with one color and if you must use a variety of colors...use it in a balloon drop or balloon launch!

The plus with balloons...you get a lot of UMPH for very little moola!

Go and Celebrate!


Photos Credits: Sarah K. Chen, Caroline Tran, Max Wanger, Wishpot, Gifts and Decorative Accessories, Clowns Unlimited, Travel Webshots, Martha Stewart Weddings, Kate Headley, Boutwell Studio; Up Logo from Disney

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