Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Back and I Have Some Great News!

This past month, actually from the end of July up until yesterday (8/31/09), was such a busy month. Seriously, it's all a blur to me and I can't believe that I am actually still sane. As I mentioned previously, on top of weddings/events, I was dealing with an unexpected health crisis that my mom went through, trying to get my son ready for Kindergarten, and trying to keep it emotionally together for my brides, family, and myself. It truly was a tornado of a month. However, I am here to attest that life's challenges will make one stronger! Today, I feel like Phoenix rising from the ashes (okay that's a little dramatic).

Anyway, it's a new month and I am so happy that it has started well!

My exciting news is that I have been asked to be a part of a group that is throwing the ultimate wedding giveaway. The Southern California Dream Wedding giveaway is going to be huge! They have asked me to be the Wedding Planner/Coordinator and Designer for one lucky couple. What a privilege is it going to be to work with the lucky couple! I am looking forward to designing the wedding of their dreams and the opportunity to work with over 40 Top wedding/event vendors who were all chosen for the expertise, talents, and dedication to making dreams a reality for all their clients. It's going to be one fun ride.

The Southern California Dream Wedding giveaway will officially launch to the public on October 18, 2009 and they will have a new splashy website with all the details. For now, you can visit the Southern California Dream Wedding blog site for details including the announcement of the dream team of vendors. Everyday, starting next Monday, they will be revealing the vendors who are part of the dream team and what they will be providing for the couple. It is estimated that the wedding, if paid for, would cost the couple over $100,000.

Any couple in the United States is eligible to enter the Southern California Dream Wedding giveaway. It will be a write-in campaign with couples explaining why they deserve to win this dream wedding. The producers of the Southern California Dream Wedding giveaway are looking for couples with compelling stories. Couples can submit their entry letter anytime between October 18, 2009 and January 15, 2010. The winning couple will be announced on Valentine's Day 2010! Look out for more information and make sure to read the Southern California Dream Wedding blog often!

It will be so exciting to see the reveal of the dream team of vendors and when the Website officially launches on October 18, 2009, it will be great to see all the love stories from couples. So make sure to spread the word about Southern California Dream Wedding. If anything, the lucky couple will get to work with me. :)

It feels good to be blogging about what I love once again!

Don't forget to follow Southern California Dream Wedding on Twitter and Facebook. While you're at it, you can also follow me on Twitter or become my fan on Facebook.


after the post: Maybe I should have waited for them to announce me as one of the dream team vendors instead of putting this out there now. Oh well...think of it as a sneak peek of what's to come.

Phoenix Graphic by Nela Denato for In Obscuro

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