Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Paper Flower Centerpieces

Since it's Fiesta in Santa Barbara, I was scanning some sites for paper flowers since I have seen an array of them this past weekend. I am loving the concept of trying these out as centerpieces. They are environmentally correct and the nice thing is they make a bold statement.

Take for instance these paper flowers from Daisys and Dots that look like hydrangeas. Totally cool in my opinion and for you DIY brides and grooms, this can be a fun event for you and a few of your friends to do one evening over some bottles of wine.

Another plus is that paper comes in an array of colors so you can customize them to match your event, but truthfully, I would probably keep in the more natural tones to look more authentic. However, if you are in to bold statement than go with the outlandish colors and let your creative side take over.

I also love the photo that Willowpoppy took of these paper flowers that look like poppies....absolutely gorgeous and the colors combos are great.

I hope these photos inspire your own paper creativeness!


Photos from Daisys and Dots and Willowpoppy


Jocelyn said...

Would you happen to have instructions for making the hydrangea paper flowers? If you do can you please share?


Liene at The Smart Planner said...

I love that first photo - they look awesome!

montreal florist said...

It's pretty idea! It's really cute.

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