Friday, August 1, 2008

Shoe Love

I often blog about women's shoes, but this time I am blogging about shoes that I can actually buy for myself. Yes ladies and gentlemen...I have found shoe love with Ryan Rowe, a new men's footwear company that is bringing luxurious handmade shoes for all guys. It's the brain child of my former neighbor, Ryan Ringholz, and his business partner Rowe Samieian, both veterans in the shoe industry.

These classic oxfords and their other styles have been modernized by these geniuses and are made with Vachetta Leather, same leather that Louis Vuitton favors. They are handmade, hand painted, and use vegetable dyes to create its fabulous colors. It's like having your own personal cobbler. Knowing Ryan and his need to create stylish and comfortable footwear for men, this brand is definitely going to be my new choice in footwear...sorry Kenneth.

My current favorite in their collection are these Crofton Oxfords that come in bone, black, and espresso, though I am also eyeing a pair of sneakers and a boot. These oxfords can go from day to night, and match any fashion style. They are so versatile and comfy...I wore the bone tonight at a rehearsal and dinner and my feet did not tire. Additionally, I can finally wear a white shoe and not feel like Pee Wee Herman, thanks to these guys. Ryan Rowe is currently available at select stores including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and They will soon launch an online store on their Website.

Guys, you have to try out these shoes, you will fall in love with them and your feet will thank you for giving them a comfortable ride.


Photos from Ryan Rowe

1 comment:

James said...

Luv the color combos, especially the blue on the black. Very kewl!

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