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Guest Blogger Fridays: Paul Bott

I met Paul Bott, when we were filming the "Let Them Eat Cake" episode for the premiere season of Peter Perfect, with celebrity stylist Peter Ishkhans. We were two of three event experts that they brought in for show (I think we both had one second of camera time - at least you can clearly see our names on the episode). Since then, the two of us have been emailing and keeping in touch with each other, anticipating the day we will finally work together. I am so excited that he has agreed to guest blog for me on food trends. Enjoy it!

food trends: are you really a foodie????

I hear a lot of “we are both foodies” lately from brides and grooms that I speak with…this makes me very happy. Finally, people can speak my language and know that there is more to a wedding feast then breast of chicken!!! Another great trend is they also want to incorporate their ethnic background or "infuse" the menu with their culture. I LOVE THAT PART TOO!

Notice, I used the word "feast." I use that word because I believe that presented well, delicious, and delightfully appealing, a “feast” has a lot of positive power and will completely change the personality of your event and you guests expectations. I have seen and heard entire ballrooms of guests almost fall silent during the dinner course, why, because they are eating and they are happy. The end result is a shared “comfort” (why do you think they call it comfort food?) and a sense of sharing an experience that was truly generous and a gracious gift to them from their hosts, the bride and groom. I have always felt food, good food, carefully made and graciously presented could change lives forever…if you doubt my words then simply rent that marvelous Dutch film “Babette’s Feast” but I digress…

Why am I so happy about this "real foodie" trend? Because, now couples know more then what specific songs they want to dance to and what important words they will exchange at their ceremony. They also know that they want to wow their guests with delicious food, and give them a the kind shared experience that is important to them too. No longer are they satisfied to have pages or pre-determined menu options flashed before them. I believe that couples think that writing their own menu is right up there with writing their own vows. So like seeking a minister for vow help, they need an expert, like myself, to help them articulate this in a way that expresses who they are while creating one of those unforgettable dining experiences.

Here is how powerful food can be...I love this example. I had a bride and groom, a couple of years ago, that was not getting anywhere with what they were wanting for their "feast." They had been to several “caterers” and knew almost everything there was to know about breast of chicken and roast beef. Finally I asked them how they met. WELL, the future bride almost jumped off her seat, turned and faced me square on and said, “I was at this dinner party and I was sitting with a my friend who invited me. The food was so good I actually turned to her and I said, I am going to marry who ever cooked this meal...I do not care if they are male or female, young or old, married or not, I am going to marry them!" So, her friend gets up, walks to the kitchen, grabs the chef (a single man working as a chef), introduces them, they fall in love, and nine-months later they were married. The most exciting part of this story is that I recreated that meal that he cooked and she ate on the night they met at their wedding feast. The same food that made her vow to marry the cook was now being feasted on by their guests. They were sharing a piece of their "foodie" history.

I rest my case.

Paul Bott

Percy's remarks: As you can see from Paul's guest blog, food can become part of your story. Making it a priority for your wedding will only make the event that more special, plus the feast you give to your guests will always remind them of the two of you. For real foodies, making your "menu" a priority is essential in completing the entire look and feel of your event. You know what they say...the food can make or break anything!

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Photo credits: Group Photo: Top large by Paul Barnett, next row from left all by Rebecca Seal, all other photos by Jennifer Dery


Anna said...

This blog just makes me hungry! Damn you for having a blog regarding good food. I love Paul's use of the word feast. I think people planning parties need to start thinking this way for their menus rather than thinking about the boring word dinner. Thanks Paul for your guest blog and Percy thanks for bringing guest bloggers in.

Nicole Goddard said...

Well said, Paul!

Live Passionately,
Nicole Goddard | Photography

George said...

mmm food, there's nothing better than delicious well made food. just say no to rubber chicken!

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