Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday: List Making

You think you have it all under control? You know exactly what to focus on? There's no need for a list! Think again. Making lists for any event, especially a wedding is crucial to knowing what you want your outcome to be and the elements that is most important to you.

Here's my tip in making a well focused list for your special day, which I ask all my clients to do:
  • From the the onset both the bride and groom should each make a list of what they want as part of their wedding and want they definitely do not want.
  • Once you have BOTH made your list, combine the two and see where you agree and where you don't.
  • Make an agree list and don't agree list and discuss what from the don't agree list should make it to the agree list.
  • Once you have your agree list, now it's time to do a want and need list that would correspond to the elements of the agree list. This will dictate what you you will focus on that will make the most impact on your day and what elements is a wish list if dollars are still available. (e.g. Agree List: Great Music; Need List: DJ, Guitarist; Want List: Live Band, String Quartet, Soloist).
Not only will these list help you focus on what you want for your special day, it will also help you focus on your budget and think about the importance of such "wanted things" would really mean.
Additionally, if you are working with a planner, it will give your planner a better sense of what the two of you want.

Have fun creating your lists!


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