Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Adjust Your Height Accordingly

I was watching my morning news, Good Morning America, getting ready for my morning routines when they mentioned shoes with adjustable heels. I automatically perked up and listed attentively to what they were about to present.

What I saw were stilettos that went from 3.25 inch to 1.5 inch heels with just a twist of the heel. What a concept and how perfect is this for the bride! CAMiLEON HEELS has created technology that makes your stilettos go from day to night.

According to their website the transformation happens in three steps:

"Adjusting CAMiLEON Heels from high-to-low heel positions is accomplished in three easy steps:

Step 1: Secure one hand around the top of the heel, while the other hand pulls straight down on the lower half of the heel to disengage it from its upright locked position.

Step 2: Push forward on the lower portion of the heel until it stops moving and is stowed directly under the arch region of the shoe.

Step 3: Push straight backward on the tip of the stowed heel until it is recessed slightly into the upper heel cavity and secured in its locked position.

Done! Once the adjustment has been made from a high-to-low heel position, the upper edge of the stowed heel should no longer be visible.

To restore the heel back into its full high heel position, simply reverse the previous steps."

These shoes are GENIUS! Currently CAMiLEON HEELS offers 16 different styles that range from pumps to mules and ranges in price from $210 - $325. They also offer free shipping and free returns (don't know why you would want to). All their styles are made with soft Italian Napa Leather. According to the news resources, these shoes are also very comfortable.

Ladies, don't hesitate to buy these shoes to your collection, just think you get two styles in one. Move over Manolo, Hello CAMiLEON.


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Anonymous said...

They are AWESOME!! I want a pair.

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