Friday, June 20, 2008

First Dance...Not the Last.

The first dance seems to be a right of passage for married couples. In modern times, it has reincarnated itself as a way to highlight the couple, some adding their own personality to the traditional dance, by foregoing the slow dance and adding some surprise hip-hop or ballroom moves to this sentimental moment.

Wikipedia states, "Traditionally, the first dance is the Waltz." Well we all know that most couples are not waltzing, since ballroom dancing is no longer a widespread skill, but is making a comeback thanks to Dancing with the Stars. Couples often go to dance studios or hire choreographers to help them with their first dance, and others just have a gift to bust-a-move.

The one question I often get is how to you pick just the right song for it. Well my answer to my clients is to pick a song that signifies you and your love one, or a song that reminds you of each other. It does not necessarily have to be a slow song...if Baby Got's Back has special meaning for you, then go ahead with your bad self and breakout your best MC Hammer moves. There are no limits to your choice of music or genre of dance. Feeling a little bold maybe, you can do a pas de deux from Swan Lake or even a vogue dual to Madonna's 4 minutes (may explain timing in the bedroom and that could be a bad thing).

At any rate, here are my top 10 favorite songs at the moment for the first dance - and yes, they are all slow songs, because I'm a sap!
  1. (tie) You and I Both and I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
  2. One in a Million You - Larry Graham
  3. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Leona Lewis
  4. No One - Alicia Keys
  5. Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy
  6. My Funny Valentine - Melinda Doolittle
  7. At Last - Etta James
  8. La Vie En Rose - Edith Piaf
  9. How Deep is Your Love - The Bird and The Bee
  10. The Way You Look Tonight - Michael Buble

Regardless of what song you choose or what genre of music, make sure that your song resonates with the two of you. It's a special moment and there is nothing like making your first dance as a couple a meaning and spectacular time for the two of you.


Photo from Party Time Productions


Anonymous said...

My Funny Valentine by Melinda Doolittle great song.
Melinda will released her first album at the end of the summer. We have new website to supporting her with her First album who will come out soon you are very welcome to join us

Anna said...

Nice list of come Open Arms did not make it on your list? I thought you love that song.

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