Monday, June 9, 2008

Tally Ho

Senorita Carolina Herrera has done it again. She has mixed the sensual with the modern in her Spring 2009 Wedding Collection. Her collection is spectacular.

For the 2009 season, she is taking the bride to the country, for some equestrian-esque silhouettes. It's almost Carrie Bradshaw meets Town and Country. I love the use of the hat and bustling of the gown (almost looks like a couture apron). The jacket is just so classic, reminds me of Celine Dion's Dior Backwards Jacket from a few years back ( I think she even wore a fedora) - but this is actually how it should be worn. This look reminds me of a Merchant Ivory Film, timeless beauty.

It seems that many designers for are playing up this look, such as Christian Dior and Monique Lhuillier. Another designer "riding" on the Equestrian Bridal look this season is Santa Barbaran Scott Corridan, Event Designer and Planner, who just launched his signature line of wedding gowns, White Chocolate Label, check out his Heather Gown, which is so chic and lovely. Maybe brides wearing these looks will consider a riding crop made of flowers to complete the ensemble?

Whether you are a "town" or "country" kind of gal, you will not go wrong with these sophisticated looks. To me these gowns signify a confident, well-heeled lady.


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Tamara said...

You know that picture looks a lot like Celine's outfit, just with a skirt and the jacket on correct. Love the look though. Very Sense and Sensibility!

Anna said...

The Heather Gown by Scott Corridan is cute. Is that mohair he used for the top? Interesting mixture of fabrics on his gown. Not sure of the horse bits, reminds me too much of Gucci, circa Tom Ford.

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