Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nature's Gift to Your Wedding

Your ceremony setting and decor is just as important as your reception location...if not more so. Most couples who have church weddings don't really have to worry about the back drop, but those who opt for outdoor really need to scope out your ceremony site for that picture perfect setting.

Sure the ocean and valley views are spectacular. And open spaces can be made intimate with the right set-up and the addition of archways and chupas, but why not use the natural landscape of the location to be the centerpiece of your ceremony? Old established trees, hedges of bougainvillea, or floral gardens can be the much needed punch of panache to set-off your nuptials.

The natural elements of site can be adorned with flowers, crystals, lights and other elements to provide the perfect backdrop to your wedding or leave it in its natural state for a stunning green scene. Take it from me who set this wedding under oak trees to create a beautiful centerpiece and canopy to a couple's ceremony.

Couples, when looking for your ceremony locations, don't look at trees, hedges, or large stones as a deterrent. Rather, look at them as the perfect addition to your location and how they can be utilized to enhance the site. The best things about wedding locations are that they are as unique as you; no two are alike and they can be manipulated to best fit you as a couple. Foregoing the view and setting it towards a natural element, can be the much needed switch to set your dream day apart from all others.

Have fun looking for your locations and keep your mind open to all the possibilities. You never know when nature will speak to you.


Photo by Gloria Plunkett

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Anna said...

I love that you set this wedding in a natural surrounding. It looks beautiful with the trees as a canopy!

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