Friday, September 26, 2008

Alternative $700 Billion Bail Out Plan - Tax Payer Friendly

I have had these same thoughts about the $700 billion bail out plan...well actually I've been thinking about it since we received our stimulus checks over the summer, but these people actually put it in writing, so I am glad others are thinking like I am. Here's the gist...and a brilliant way of jump starting the economy, but in reality their calculation is wrong. If in fact they divided the $700 billion by the estimated 305 million people in the US, that would amount to only $2,333/per person, but I would take it and pay off some bills! But if they only gave the money to the "tax" paying citizens, then we would get a lot more. This is from an email I received this morning:

"This plan took us all of about 10 minutes to come up with. Instead of using $700 BILLION to bail out the mismanaged corrupt institutions that put our economy where it is right now, why don't we bailout YOU, ME, and every other taxpayer in the country.

If we were to divide $700 billion by the 300 million citizens it would amount to roughly $230,000 each! We say that instead of bailing out the big financial institutions that we give this directly to the Citizens who pay the taxes, and let them bail themselves out!

If they use the windfall to pay off outstanding debt, then the lending institutions will stay afloat. Any money left over could be spent, invested or saved, depending on what the individual decides to do. Not only would it keep the economy going, it would make it thrive. In addition, it will take away the ability of more corrupt convoluted bureaucracy thieves to rip us off even more! Amen!

Ponder this over and send it to your email list if you think it may have merit. If not simply stick with the status quo and do nothing. Send this to everyone you know! Every Congressman and representative in the Land. The current Bail out does nothing for you and I."

Now I think this is a plan that can work for everyone. When Bush first offered the stimulus plan the beginning of the year, I thought to myself, well that's ridiculous! If they want to a boost in the economy, they are going to have to give all tax payers more than $300 to do that. I was thinking $10,000 was a good round number, that way people can really make a dent in their ability to pay off debt, or what ever they wanted to do with it. But if we all received $2,333 from the government, some people can really use that to get back on track. I really think that the bailout should go to the citizens, who will use that money to help themselves and help boost the economy.

Anyway, that's my political blog of the month. Exercise your right...VOTE on Tuesday, November 4, 2008!


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