Monday, September 1, 2008

Inspiration: Cuba

Cuba came to mind this week as Hurricane Gustav was wrecking havoc in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba is one of those countries that I want to's so mysterious and the images of the country being stuck in the 1950s is very intriguing to me.

I picture Cuba to have the old world charm that some cities in Europe offer and I can't wait for the borders to be opened so that Americans can re-discover the gem of the Caribbean that our ancestors got to experience before the Cuban Missle Crisis.

I am inspired by Cuban cuisine, Cubano Music, Salsa, Mojitos, Cuba Libre's, Guayberas, ruffles, lace, 57 Chevys, Babaloo, and of course Cuban Cigars.

My inspirations:
Wedding Gown: Lazaro
Bridesmaids Dress: Jenny Yoo
Guaybera and Cubavera Hat: My Cuban Store
Invitations: Natural Impressions
Music: Ybarra Music
Church: Havana Cathedral
City: Photo of Havana at Night
Cigar Rolling: ME Productions
Old Car Photo: Matthius Schack
Cuban Dinner: Versailles Cuban Restaurant
Flan Photo: Brides Club
Bouquet: Artistic Florals


Photos from above mentioned sites

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