Friday, September 19, 2008

GUEST BLOGGER: Bonnie from BonitaJ (Bridal & Bridesmaid Jewelry)

Bonnie from BonitaJ, has some great bridal and bridesmaid jewelry on her site and I am so happy that she wanted to guest blog on my site. Thank you Bonnie for sharing the latest trends in bridal accessories!

- Percy

Different Styles for Different Bridesmaids

All bridesmaids were not created alike, and their accessories can reflect their own personalities in a variety of ways. Although it is now more common for brides to select a color scheme and have their bridesmaids select a different dress within that same exact color scheme, the trend of a variety of jewelry in the same color palette is becoming more popular.

We all have the loud and out going friend and we all have that shy and timid friend. We love them for who they are and how their uniqueness makes them special in our lives. Give your bridesmaids their own unique styles of jewelry to match those personalities.

Why not select big, bold earrings for that outgoing bride and choose a drop or linear style earring for the shy bridesmaid that doesn’t wear huge colorful jewelry. You can do this, coordinate their looks, and have it all look great together. A couple of tips to use when selecting your maids accessories is to keep the color combinations similar. If your color palette is a fall mix of copper, burgundy, and gold, then keep that color scheme throughout your entire jewelry selection.

There is an easy way to accomplish this task, find a jewelry designer that offers Swarovski crystals and pearls in their jewelry line. Swarovski creates a multitude of pearl and crystal color options so that matching your gowns and color palettes with your jewelry is easy. When you wear jewelry made with Swarovski crystals and pearls you are wearing a quality product that doesn’t scratch, has the truest colors and sparkles magnificently.

Whatever jewelry you decide to coordinate for your bridesmaids finished look, find pieces that they will love and cherish. The plus side is that every girl loves to receive jewelry and why's the a gift she can wear repeatedly. Choose jewelry that reflects your most special friend’s personalities and they will love you for it.

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Visit the BonitaJ Website today!

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