Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fancy Feet

Okay've always wanted your own name on a pair of cute shoes, well here's your chance! Julia Bornstein, president of Sandals4Events, has created a line of sandals that can be customized with whatever you want.

For you brides, this is a perfect gift for your bridesmaids or even the other women in your life. The heel tabs can be customized with your name or yours and your grooms with the day of your wedding. Additionally, if you are having a beach wedding, these would make a great favor gift for all your female guests upon arrival...we all know how heels are a big no no on the beach. You can put them out in baskets, separated by size, put into personalized satin bags that Sandals4Events also provides, to add to your customized, couture wedding.

These sandals come in four colors (silver, gold, black, and fuchsia) and a black with great Swarovski bling on it, making them neutral enough to match any wedding. Plus, I hear they are super comfortable.

These sandals can also make great shower gifts, girl's night out favors, or how about as invitations to your bachelorette party! At any rate, stop by Sandals4Events and dream up some spectacular way to use these great accessories for your next event.


Photos from Sandals4Events

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