Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday: Groom's Survival Guide

Michael Arnot who owns GroomGroove.com and a fellow blogger has released a survival guide for grooms, titled Don't Screw Up Your Bride's Wedding. The book was released in December 2008 and perfect timing for the "2009 Wedding Season," but after reading through his website and blogs, I am sure it is full of great tips for the groom.

If it's anything like his blog or Website, I am sure it will make a great read. It will be packed with all original work from Mike, which will include musings from his blog, and will cover everything from popping the question to honeymoon planning. This book will surely become the wedding bible for any groom or soon-to-be groom.

Check it out this coming December or reserve your copy on Amazon now.


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