Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trend Thursday: Let Them Eat Croquembouche!

This is a re-post from a blog that I did in May 2008. I have been getting a lot of questions about cake alternatives and this post is one of my favorite alternatives to the wedding cake. So please enjoy the re-post of Let Them Eat Croquembouche!

A French staple at weddings and other celebrations, the Croquembouche of Profiteroles is finally making it to the States...and you don't have to be French to enjoy it. This luscious tower of cream puffs (choux filled with pastry cream) drizzled with caramelized sugar is not only great to look at but also a sweet treat.

Croque en bouche means "crunch in the mouth" but these bite size delicacies are more than that. The crunch comes from the caramelized sugar. The cake usually made in a high cone form is usually decorated with caramel, sugar almonds, chocolate, flowers or ribbons.

So forget about the tired old chocolate fountains that become a glob of a mess and the dessert bar that becomes way too much. Throw your party back to the era of Marie Antoinette and let them eat a "ball" of heaven. The choux can be filled with any savory filling, but I personally think the vanilla cream is the best.

This cake can substitute for a grooms cake or even replace the wedding cake all together...perfect for the bride that hates cake. Croquembouche's can usually be made by your local French Pastry Bakery, if not you may want to do a Google search on bakeries in your area that specialize in these masterpieces. Locally, Christine Dahl in Santa Barbara specializes in these cakes as well as in traditional wedding cakes. This is a unique take on a US wedding cake but the croquembouche is definitely a classic worldwide.


Photo from Nice Croissant London

1 comment:

TJLoop85 said...

Sounds very yummy...and definitely a different take on the wedding cakes I have seen.

I'd be very interested in try this type of cake in the future.

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