Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wacky Wednesdays: Big in Japan

They say it's easy when you are big in Japan and I guess that's why the Japanese does it big. Talk about the new spa trend. Ladies and Gents, here's an idea for your "spa day" with the gals or guys, maybe a co-ed spa day.

Apparently in Japan, the latest trend in spa treatments are drinks...I read this is a UPI.Com article. Last year it was all about the doctor fish treatment, you know where you stick your feet in spa water that has thousands of fresh water Garra Rufa and they eat the dead skin off your feet, leaving them smooth and luscious. Since the trend is now passe, they have done the other extreme and have introduced shared spa baths filled with Green Tea, Sake, Red Wine and yes Strawberry's and Cream.

The Green Tea Spa with it's oversized tea kettle, boasts about health benefits such as preventing rough dry skin, whitening (I take it as skin whitening), or effects for cold constitution. The Red Wine Spa, under which water flows from a big red wine bottle, claims to relieve fatique, moisturizing benefits, and anti-aging. The Sake Spa, characterized by a large Sake (Rice Wine) Barrel, claims to help with skin care, relieving back pain, and cold constitution. Finally the most luxurious of the hip new spa treatments...the Strawberry Spa, where you sit in an oversized Strawberry Shortcake and bath in water mixed with strawberry juice and skim milk...touting benefits of skin care and moisturizing.

At any rate, spas should be fun and relaxing and these spas, found in Hakone Japan, Hanagawa Prefecture, is just that. Plus it's family friendly. I wonder if these spa joints will ever make it to the US? If you can't make it in Japan, maybe you can concoct your own drink treatment and try it in your bathtub. A Diet Pepsi bath...hmmm wonder what that would benefit?


Photos from UPI/Kezo Mori

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i am so impressed with such a new way of taking care for skin thnks

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