Friday, April 10, 2009

Fantastic Fridays: Gown Sketches

If you were wondering, Friday's are generally for guest bloggers, but I haven't been able to secure any guest bloggers lately, so I am going to flip flop between Guest Blogger Fridays and Fantastic Fridays. Fantastic Fridays will showcase something truly fantastic. It can be celebrity wedding news, political items I feel passionate about, or something I came across that I think is truly FANTASTIC!

Today happens to be a Fantastic Friday and I am featuring something really cool I came across reading one of my magazines this month...Bridal Gown Sketches. Sure Princess Diana and other celebrity brides have had their gowns sketched by the designer or artist as a keepsake piece, but now you can too. So what that you bought your gown at David's Bridal or on the Internet at some online wedding gown store. Now you can get the same couture treatment that celebrity brides get when designing their gowns.

One fantastic sketch artist that I discovered through the magazine is Jennifer Angilello who owns All About the Dress. Her stylized rendition of the bride and gown are fantastic. Jennifer's portraits run about $425, according to InStyle Weddings Magazine, and from the looks of her portfolio it's well worth it. If you are looking for a less pricey version you may want to visit Dreamlines where sketches run at the $100 rate and is shipped from France.

Another option is to get the artist in the family to do a rendition of your gown, maybe as their wedding gift to you. This option will definitely have more it is someone you know. But what ever route you get, I definitely think getting an artist rendering of your gown, with you in it or not, is definitely a FANTASTIC thing to do as a memento to your wedding day.

Here's sketching you...kid!


Sketches from All About the Dress

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