Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wacky Wednesdays: V.Married (Air Weddings) by Virgin Atlantic

I am a member of Virgin Atlantic's flying club and this morning I got this fabulous email announcing V.Married. I thought..."Wow, Virgin Atlantic is now getting in the wedding business."

This is the official announcement from Virgin Atlantic:

"Put a ring on it at 30,000 feet!

We are proud to announce a once in a lifetime opportunity - air weddings.

Take over our Clubhouses for your bachelor and bachelorette parties, then take off with up to 300 guests for your wedding in the sky, complete with pilot officiator and air hostess bridesmaids.

Enjoy a champagne reception (with real champagne flutes), followed by a three course meal and speeches through the headphones.

It's all the excitement of a wedding, elopement and honeymoon rolled into one, with your friends and family along for the ride. Now all you need to do is say 'I do'."

I was so excited that finally I would have another venue to work with and pitch to my clients. Plus, things started to run in my head, like matching this up with a mini vacation/honeymoon for the client and guests. So I clicked on the link that said, "Get Hitched" and this is what I got on the WebPage (click on image to see it larger).

Damn that Virgin Atlantic for playing the April Fools Day card to us vulnerable wedding professionals! Maybe now they will actually offer it, knowing there would be interest in it. Come on Richard, make good on the joke!


Website image from Virgin Atlantic

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