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TIPsy Tuesday: What Would I Change About My Wedding?

Every month, I am going to be featuring a question to people on both my Facebook and Twitter accounts that relates to weddings or events. Once I have gathered some answers, I will post it on my blog.

April's question is, "What is the one thing you would change about your wedding day?"

Here are some of the responses I received:

I would do away with the dog-n-pony show and make the wedding smaller and more intimate. I would save the money to feed distant relatives who we'll never see again and use it on more high end touches for a smaller group such as an extra romantic location/flowers/food/photos, that would bring more joy to the couple themselves than to just "show off" and "please" the crowd." - Kelly, Fremont, CA

Not invited so many people to the reception. The best thing we did was only inviting close family to our wedding ceremony, that was about 20 people. Our reception was about 100 people that took place right after our ceremony. Having less people at the ceremony made the moment very special to us.
- Salvador, Dublin, CA

As a wedding planner, I should have hired a day of coordinator, so I didn't have to worry about managing vendors, set-up, and clean-up myself...allowing me to enjoy more. Don't get me wrong I had a blast at my wedding, it would have been nice to not have to worry about all the "day of" details myself. The other thing I would have done differently is taken the time to eat. I did not even get to eat my wedding meal because we were talking to so many people, we had 170 guests, and I never got to eat our delicious food, maybe I got two bites. Eating is one thing that I make sure happens for for all my clients. I would have also hired a videographer, because I hardly remembered the evening, except for how fun it was.
- Percy, Ojai, CA

I would have probably spent less on the things that didn't matter as much and more on the things that do - and what's important is different for every bride/groom. For me, it was the location/venue for the ceremony, reception area, and the photographer. In retrospect, I feel like we did most everything we
wanted to do within our budget, but I think that spending less and saving the money for the stuff that counts...like putting a down payment on a house and getting our new life started together might have been a better investment! A big party is a good way to get you in debt. - Clarissa, San Diego, CA

We got married at the Justice o' the Peace in New York City. Just the two of us and one witness. I think people need to focus on who they want at their wedding and not how much they want to spend. Any time I hear about someones wedding, it's always they should have made it smaller,
not bigger. Have a small wedding and get a great photographer and videographer. You will see more of your wedding in the photos and videos than you ever will at the event. They will last a lifetime. - Darrin, Pollock Pines, CA

Who I married!
- Lynnette, San Francsico, CA

Make it smaller and less "traditional" (no cake which i don't like, typical music, etc...)
- Jules, Wilsonville, OR

It would have been less traditional, and I would have not worried so much about the food and spending lots of money on top shelf alcohol.
- Lilia, San Francisco, CA

I wouldn't have changed anything. We decided that the whole goal was to wake up single, and go to bed married. That took a ton of pressure off, and we didn't "sweat the small stuff" as it were. If anything, I wished the day had lasted longer! It was magical.
- Kristin, Santa Barbara, CA

I'm actually pretty happy with how ours turned out. It was exactly what we wanted, where we wanted, and it was just a big party—fun for us and for the guests. I do wish I got more of my dinner though. And I heard the dessert that was served before the cake was amazing (never got it).
- Maureen, Santa Clarita, CA

Not a thing. Maybe that Bret didn't get so sunburned. Other than that not a thing. Everything people say, "don't spend so much, don't invite a zillion people, etc." well we did that. It works. We didn't even hire a photographer and we have the most beautiful and candid wedding pictures I've ever seen.
- Carl, Santa Barbara, CA

Our wedding was very low budget - I wouldn't change that, we were poor at the time. But we couldn't afford a photographer so I'd change that.
- Nancy, Ft. Worth, TX

This may sound odd, but adding a dancefloor.
- Tim, San Francisco, CA

First I wish i hadn't, secondly, I wish I had more cake, expensive cake for just one bite! - Angela, Monterey, CA

Don't ask me why, but we chose not to hire a videographer for our wedding. We had a beautiful garden wedding in Cambria, and our ceremony had sweet moments that I wish were captured on film. - Kathy, Dallas, TX

I wouldn't change a thing, except for hire a videographer. I should have listened to my wedding planners suggestion on that. - Leslie, Englewood, NJ

I hope this helps couples who are in the midst of planning your own great event. If you are married and have anything else to add, please make a comment. Your suggestions and thoughts are appreciated and a great way to advise others.


Photo from Cake Wrecks, hopefully that cake is one thing that bride would have done differently.

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funkyhen said...

I would have challenged the price of the veuve-clicquot. And complained we never got he braised red cabbage with our sausage and mash like I asked for. Would also have used a better DJ but our guests made the day. But I did invite close friends as opposed to cousins I don't even get a Christmas card from which my father approved of.

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