Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From High Above to Down Below - Unique Venue Spaces

In an earlier blog, I mentioned a new venue called Dinner in the Sky that raises a group of people 50 meters or 164 feet above the earth, to dine. Well unique venues are popping up all over the place and people are only limited to their preconceived notion of what's the right place for a dinner party...and some people are really getting creative.

In London, crafty party throwers are abandoning the "usual" places to throw a dinner party or event and have resorted to some extreme if not strange venues. For instance, people are renting parts of the Underground (subway) to have their dinner. Unusual...definitely, unique...most absolutely. I love this out of the box thinking. Creative party throwers are no longer limiting themselves to the same old boring places. They are putting a signature to their events and really giving people something to look forward to and an experience they will always remember.

Additionally, companies like Dinner in the Sky are giving party throwers options for venues that are mind-blowing experiences. Another company called BBQ-Donut offers clients a floating donut (looks like a huge inner tube) on which they can sit around and have a barbeque dinner on. The grill is located in the middle of this floatation marvel and guests can either cook their own meat or have a chef cook for them, ala Benihana. Think large fondue party in the middle of a lake. Their motto is “grill and chill” and it definitely lives up to those expectations. BBQ-Donut will literally transport this dining tube to any body of water you want. So look out for these innovative companies, because they will be coming to a city near you and offering new dining and event experiences.

So all you party throwers out there, be creative in choosing your location. Open up your minds to all the possibilities and look at event spaces as a back up rather than the right place to be. I can't wait to throw a party in an unusual location...maybe on a 20x20 raft on the middle of the lake or how about a parking garage with awesome views. My theory is if you have awesome food, wonderful company, and great libations, who cares where you are! Let’s just have a great time.

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BBQ-Donut and YumSugar

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James said...

These are crazy ideas, especially the subway. Hopefully they sanitized the place before they had the party. BBQ Donut sounds fun, to bad they are only in Germany at the moment.

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