Friday, May 9, 2008

Holy Costume Party Batman!

The annual Costume Institute Gala at The Met in NYC is definitely one of the best red carpet events of the year. This year the Costume Institutes' exhibit is titled: Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy. The lucky invitees to the annual gala, held on May 7, 2008, sure had a great time dressing up for the event, some in their best superhero couture.

I have to say that my favorite "wonder woman" of the evening was Christina this breathtaking, sexy, and stunning Givenchy (pronounced gee-von-she) gown. Givenchy has taken the required female superhero bathing suit and graciously draped it with silk organza creating a peek-a-boo effect. The red with pale pink is just gorgeous. I think this dress really captured the evening's theme as well as highlighted the institutes' exhibit.

For more information regarding The Met's Costume Institutes' Exhibit please visit Coutorture, for highlights to the exhibit or The Met's page at for information regarding the exhibit.

I hope if you live in the NYC area or are planning on traveling there in the near future, that you will take the opportunity to see this spectacular exhibit.

Take note ladies, don't be afraid to be bold or use color. The wackiest ideas may turn out to be the most brilliant.


Photo from Wire Image


Anna said...

I love this dress also. Also loved Eva Longoria's dress and Jennifer Lopez's. Lots of asymetrical going on that evening.

Jordon said...

The other one that had a great dress was Ashley Olsen. I loved the black tube dress with the cut-outs...but Mary Kate Olsen...what a hot mess, she looked more like Sophia on Golden Girls then hot fashionista, in that gold lame number.

Armando said...

Claire Danes had a similar black dress at the CIG. Love the simple black dress with keyholes and cutouts. The other outstanding dresses for me were: Anna Wintour's daughter in the voluptuous Nina Ricci gown, Iman's red hot dress, and Dita Von Teese's black & white cocktail gown. Smashing success for these ladies.

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