Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Do to These Unique Rings

I love unique things and these rings are definitely in that category. My friend Jolene at Here Comes the Guide mentioned them to me over the weekend and gave me a link to the Shibumi Gallery Website to check out all the fabulousness.

Shibumi Gallery, owned by April Higashi, represents several artists specializing in "artful commitment and wedding rings." They all have a unique perspective on what a wedding/commitment ring should look like, but the one thing they have in common is great artistry. I love the use of raw diamonds in some of the designs! These are definitely for the couple that wants their union to stand out from the crowd.

I love all the artists on the Shibumi Gallery site and can't really say which one is my favorite, because in reality, I would wear any of these artists designs (hint hint to the artists: My partner and I who have been together for 16 years are legally getting married on June 16, 2008 and would love one of them). The artists that are represented on the Shibumi Gallery are: April Higashi , Julia Turner, Todd Reed, Susanne Matsché, Maya Kini, Geoffrey Giles, Brigid O'Hanarahan, David Casella, and Namu Cho.

So brides and grooms, grooms and grooms, or brides and brides...if you want something outstandingly unique to signify your love for one another...check out one of these designers at the Shibumi Gallery. The Shibumi Gallery is located at 1402 5th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. Gallery hours are Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm or by appointment. You can also reach them by visiting the Shibumi Gallery Website or by phoning (510) 528-7736.


Photos from Shibumi Gallery


Anna said...

I love these rings too. Really cool designs and so different from the regular stuff that couples have to choose from. Thanks for posting on your site.

baby o...eric...april said...

hi Percy...thanks for including my gallery...nice little write up!

One thing is my address is 1402 5th Street.....maybe you would change it.

Send your partner over...June 18th's right around the corner!

warm thanks. April/ Shibumi Gallery

James said...

Cool rings Perce. They are definitely unique and fun. The collection on the site is really cool.

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