Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Illuminate the Night

I am loving LED lit event tables and seating. Especially because they have functionality and add to the ambiance of any event. Lit up table bases and chairs are so hip right now, because they give the party throwers many possibilities. They also help with lighting indoor and outdoor venue spaces.

The latest, like this ice (really made out of ice) table base from PBG Events, runs on a remote controlled LEDs and has no cords. So event planners or hosts can control the light that is being illuminated or even change the colors of the party as the evening moves on.

Other event rental companies also have everyday use bases and chairs that can be illuminated without the worry of something melting, such as these cubes by Miami based Bubble Collection. They also carry such items as LED lit couches that will stay lit for 6-8 hours. Therefore, when looking for modern and innovative settings, ask your rental companies about their LED lit furniture.

A great concept for those looking at a hip new outlook to venue and dining spaces.


Photo from PBG Events and Bubble Collection

1 comment:

James said...

Cool concept. I am wondering if the ice is encased in a clear vessel? Probably is so that the water does not go everywhere. Thank you for sharing these great concept.

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