Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let California Ring

Okay so this is not another party blog…but more of a political statement for me. We all know by now that The California Supreme Court has extended marriage to same-sex couples. This must see video is produced by Let California Ring ( and says it all. "Let this moving short; show you how and why we need to spark conversations about the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples across California."

Even though the California Supreme Court has voted to okay same-sex marriages...conservative groups and the religious right are trying to put a ballot measure on the November elections to permanently discriminate against gays and lesbians by changing the California Constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman. Why can't marriage just be defined as two consenting adults?

Love is love and no matter what, marriage is bound by the love to TWO consenting adults. Some of the people trying to put this ballot in November is stating that if we allow this, then some people will want to marry their pets or animals or have multiple marriages recognized...this is ridiculous! Marriage should be about the bond of TWO CONSENTING ADULTS, not three or four or five or with animals. What gays and lesbians are wanting is the ability to marry the ONE person that they love, just like heterosexuals around the world. It’s about protecting our families, protecting ourselves, acknowledging that we also have lifelong companions, and not making the LGBT community feel like second-class citizens.

If you live in California, I ask that you vote no against this ballot measure, should it make its way to the November ballots. It’s discriminatory and goes against the saying that “all humans are created equal.” Please keep equality in California at the forefront and help to elevate this to the Federal level. Regardless of your religious beliefs, what I ask from a human perspective is, “how would you feel if you were not able to marry the one person you love?” End of my political statement.


Video from Let California Ring,

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Anna said...

You are absolutely correct...why can't marriage just be about two consenting adults. I also think it's ridiculous that conservative groups are trying to add "what ifs" to this scenario rather than looking at if from the perspective of two, consenting, in love and committed people. I just don't get it. I will definitely vote against the measure should it be on the November ballot.

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