Friday, May 2, 2008

Peter Ishkhans is Peter Perfect

"Style-nista" Peter Ishkhans has a new show on the Style Network, and I absolutely love the concept of this reality show. It premiered on April 19, 2008 and it has been a weekly must watch at my far.

The concept is sort of Extreme Home Makeover meets Extreme Makeover but for struggling businesses and their owners. He totally redesigns the business inside out, gives the owners a new look, and gives these individuals a new outlook to their business lives. It's pretty amazing how these businesses transform and how the owners really start to think about their company in a new way...the Peter Perfect way.

In the show, he plays not only designer and stylist, but also a therapist at times. He is not afraid to experience what these individuals do for a living and rolls up his sleeves to learn from them. I think that is why the show works, he really "experiences" how these companies must function on a daily basis.

For party throwers, the show offers some great color ideas and design concepts. Peter's keen sense of mixing modern with vintage is outrageous. He surely can take some vintage wallpaper and make it look now. The show also gives you an insight to some great hair and clothing styles. Peter really likes the rock-n-roll vibe so you get some cool edgy styles to inspire your own look.

So far this season, it's the premiere season of the show, he has revamped a dog grooming business and a candy shop. This weekend his challenge is a gourmet coffee business. So tune in Saturdays at 9pm EST/PST to the Style Network to experience Peter Perfect which is produced by 44 Blue Productions. I can't wait to see what he does next. Maybe he can revamp my website and give me a makeover. Peter if you are reading this contact me.


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Anna said...

This is a cool show. I have been watching it lately too. Rocky Roasters this weekend was a good episode. The owner Rocky Rhodes was really hot!

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