Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marriage Equality in California - FINALLY!

SAN FRANCISCO: In an historic decision today, the California Supreme Court ruled that same-gender couples deserve the freedom to marry under California law. The landmark ruling makes California the first state in the nation to give lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people full equality. (From Equality California)

This is very exciting news, not just because it provides all couples the freedom to marry, but it shows that all couples in love have the ability to marry legally if they chose to.

For my partner, Ross, and me, we have been together 16 years; now we have the opportunity to legally wed. In 2005, in celebration of our 13th anniversary, we had a commitment ceremony and celebration that was attended by 170 of our closest friends and family. This act of commitment came with no license and no legal protections. We are registered domestic partners...which do not have the same benefits and safeguards that a legal marriage provides.

Now in a smaller ceremony, Ross and I will take the plunge to be one of many same-gender, committed, and dedicated couples to marry in California within the next 30 days. I feel so happy that our partnership will now be legally recognized as a solemn marriage in the State of California. Now we are hoping that one day it will be recognized on a National/Federal level.

This is definitely one small step to marriage equality; we still have a lot of work to get it recognized on a Federal level. California is the second state, next to Massachusetts, to recognize same-sex marriages as legal, but the first to recognize same-sex marriages regardless of residency.

For all you other same-sex couples, if you need a wedding planner...look no further and call me! I am ready to plan the most memorable wedding for you...I know, you're gay and you can create the "fabulousness" yourself, but trust me you want someone to manage your day, so that you can enjoy it.

For more information about my services, please visit my Website Percy Sales Events. I have many venues/vendors that can accommodate your wedding this summer and on a short notice, so please feel free to call me and we can work out the details. Additionally, in celebration of this momentous occasion, I will donate 5% of my fees for same-sex couple bookings between May 2008 and November 2008 to Equality California, Let California Ring, or Human Rights Campaign (you choose where it goes) in your name. Additionally I will donate 10% of my fees to Ventura County Rainbow Alliance or The Pacific Pride Foundation to any couple who mentions these two organizations specifically.

Here's to marriage equality and the freedom to marry the one you love!


Photo of Ross and Percy during their first dance 02.12.05 by Joya Thomas

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Anna said...

This is wonderful news! Congratulations to the LGBT Community in California. Now if Texas would just get it together! Percy post pictures of your "real" wedding to Ross when it happens! I would love to see them.

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