Friday, May 2, 2008

Redefining Fairytale Weddings

Every bride wants the fairytale wedding...and why shouldn't she? It's there day to go all out and be the princess at the ball. Bridal couture guru, Reem Acra, has taken this fantasy to a new level, adding bold colors and concepts to the traditional bridal gown. Why not be the mad hatter or couture country bumpkin at your wedding? Not every bride will be as edgy to take a traditional gown to a whacked out new level but for some of you this is right up your alley.

I love these looks, not from a practical point but from one of inspiration. I think every bride can take some hints from these photos. Don't be afraid to add color to your day. A trend that we have been seeing lately is the colored sash being added to the gown, but a colored shrug, a bold hat, or couture apron...what a concept! This will definitely differentiate you from other brides and bring out that special something something to your wedding day.


Photos from Team Sugar,4,0


Anonymous said...

Outrageous looks, but I get what you are saying about adding color. Not sure I want that much color but some would be great. I loved the red buttons on train of one of the dresses.

Belle said...

I love Reem Acra dresses, probably one of my favorite wedding dress designers. She is currently doing evening wear too. Some of these dresses are cute but the apron I am not sure of. I think it may be to over the top for some folks.

Fashiondip said...

I love it! Very Alice in Wonderland...and I can dress my dog up as a rabbit with a little pocket watch!

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