Friday, July 25, 2008

Artistic Photography

My friend Ashley and her family (pictured) recently had their annual family photo taken by Bryan Niven and their photo was amazing. They are all rock climbing enthusiast, so he set they family photo on the face of a rock. Most of this digitally manipulated in, but WOW what a stunning piece of work.

I especially loved that Bryan captured all their individual passions in this photo. He also got the family pets in (goldfish and tarantula), which makes this piece of art even more personable. This is TOTAL GENIUS!

Anyone who is looking for a different type of engagement photo or family photo should look up Bryan Niven, who is based in Utah. I have not seen anything this original in such a long time. He could probably do an after wedding photo that would be artistic, light-hearted, and capture your feeling after the wedding day.

Browse through the Bryan Niven gallery to see all the other original works. You will be WOWED! be sure to see the "behind the scenes video" to see how this artist does what he does.

Bryan if you are reading this, how about shooting the Beardsley-Sales Family in beautiful Santa Barbara!


Photo by Bryan Niven

1 comment:

Anna said...

GREAT Photo! I am amazed. Wonder how much he cost?

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