Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dual Use - Always a Good Thing

I love to use things for dual purposes. Not only does it kill two birds with one stone, but it also carries a theme throughout the evening. These mini lanterns fall into that category and one of my favorite event accessories this summer.

In reality this lantern, which comes in a multitude of colors, has three purposes for an event. It can be used as a seating card (tie a bow with the name of the guest and their table number on the handle), table light (put a tea light in it already lit or a battery operated one and have your guests put it on the table to add to the ambiance), and an event favor.

These lanterns can be bought through My Wedding Favors for a bargain, $3 a piece. So if you are having a summer or beach side wedding, this mini lantern is the perfect accessory. They also make great aisle decor hanging off wrought iron lantern hooks or just set on the ground surrounded by sand or sea shells.


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Anna said...

Cute idea! I'll keep it in mind for my wedding. :)

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