Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Make Your Wish at Wishpot

When you wish upon a ... pot? Forget the stars; make your wish on Wishpot, "a new social shopping service that makes it easy for you to share interesting things you find in stores and online." Do you ever go to an online store or see something at your favorite shop and want to remember it...well now you can with Wishpot. You can save items easily in your Wishpot account by going to the website of your favorite store or online shopping site and simply tap on your "Add to Wishpot" button. It automatically adds it to your Wishpot profile. Now you have your item accessible anywhere around the world and at your fingertips.

You can categorize your finds, share with the Wishpot community, and refer to your list for future shopping needs. It's a perfect site to keep all your gift ideas for Holidays, Weddings, Birthday or for whatever shopping needs you may have. It's easy to use and you won't have to remember where or when you saw it, because it's all in your Wishpot list.

For all you brides and grooms, go to the wedding section or Wishpot and see what the Wedding Experts are picking as the hottest trends in gifts, registry items, and wedding needs. Yes, Percy Sales is one of the wedding experts chosen by Wishpot...so come by and see my picks.

Do yourself a favor and explore Wishpot today. Making a shopping list for fabulous things has never been simpler or more fun!


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1 comment:

Ross said...

Cool website. Congrats on being chosen a Wedding Expert!

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