Thursday, July 17, 2008

Being on Top at

If you are a blogger or a bloggee (is that even a term...maybe I just coined who is obsessed with reading blogs) you may know of a site called Alltop. This site handpicks "all the top" blogs from all over the world and has collected them in one easy to use site.

They have tons and tons of categories that you can choose from. You can read the top blogs on such categories as Adoptions to Yoga and even Event Planning and Weddings, including...wait for it..."Let's Party with Percy Sales Events!" Yes they have chosen my blog to be on their website and can be currently found in the Event Planning Category as well as the Wedding Category. Thanks to Alltop for choosing me to be on their site. I always knew my site was interesting, but it's always wonderful to be acknowledged by others as well.

So I guess the pressure is on to keep up my blogging for my current fans and all the new fans that Alltop is going to drive to my blog site. If you are searching for particular blog topics, please visit Alltop and read the Best of the Best!


Badge from Alltop


Anna said...

You Go BOY!

jesse said...

congrats. i luv reading your blogs.

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