Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Starlight, Starbright...

First Starfish I see tonight. DeAnna Cochran Jewelry is making a big impact this summer with these great starfish accessories, titled Anthony's Wish. She styles these pieces from a real starfish and they are absolutely gorgeous. Both the Anthony's Wish Cufflinks and Bracelet are hand carved of pure silver (.999 silver) and measures 1" in diameter. The bracelet is 7 inches in length.

For you brides and grooms out there, if you are looking for attendant gifts and you are getting married near the shore or having a beach themed wedding, these are exactly what you need! They are a perfect reminder of your summer or beachside wedding and a gift your groomsmen and bridesmaids will cherish a lifetime.

Additionally, what I love about these pieces is that by purchasing a DeAnna Cochran Jewelry Anthony's Wish Starfish Cufflinks or Bracelet you are also benefiting an organization called, Koinonia Foster Homes in Oxnard, California. Portions of the sale of these items are donated back to organization that first introduced Anthony to his adoptive parents. So not only are you giving a great gift to your attendants, but you are also giving to a much-needed organization. You are fulfilling many wishes with the purchase of these items. The starfish symbolizes rebirth and regeneration. It is also known as the symbol of hope, optimism, and determination.

The Anthony's Wish Collection by DeAnna Cochran Jewelry can be purchased through Skimbaco an online retailer located in Colorado. Check out the DeAnna Cochran Jewelry collection at Skimbaco today and discover the other charity pieces that this up and coming jewelry designer is known. Such celebrities as as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have worn DeAnna Cochran Jewelry. Suri Cruise is a big fan of DeAnna Cochran Jewelry's Jackson Leaf Necklace according to OK! Magazine Australia (Issue 108, A-List Kids! Inside Their Secret Lives) .

So make a wish and fulfill the wishes of others with the Anthony's Wish Collection by DeAnna Cochran Jewelry.


Photos from DeAnna Cochran Jewelry


Anna said...

These are beautiful. I love starfishes. I will have to see what else she offers.

Ross said...

DeAnna's stuff is great!

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